Beautiful Zoreamer
Beautiful Zoreamer
is a drag queen-based Zorima that Aigaron and Candelilla modify as part of the former's scheme to use Beautiful Zoreamer to steal the color of women's beauty with his Slimy Paint Brush.

Beautiful Zoreamer can also use his brush on the Kyoryugers to steal their color of power to boost the powers of his Zorima supporters, gaining capes of the Kyoryuger's color while doing so.

Upon being defeated by Kyoryu Red Samba Carnival after upgrading himself and Kyoryu Gray putting Zoreamer in his place due to his suit's lack of color, Beautiful Zoreamer is enlarged before he and his entourage of Giant Zorima and Cambrima are destroyed by Gigant Bragi-Oh and Pteraiden-Oh Dricera.


  • Height: 192 cm (giant: 48.0 m)
  • Weight: 125 (giant: 312.5 t)
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