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The Beauty-Bot is a supporting antagonist of the 2017 sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. She is a sentient robot who works for the Golden Circle (run by her creator Poppy Adams).


Created by Poppy Adams, Beauty-Bot was designed to supervise a nail salon in Poppyland, where she is tasked to bring in new recruits for the Golden Circle. This was shown when a client named Angel comes by for a makeover during his initiation to the Golden Circle, Beauty-Bot takes Angel to a chair where she files his teeth, erases his fingerprints with a laser, and administers the Golden Circle tattoo on his chest with molten gold, causing him a lot of pain.

When Agents Eggsy and Harry broke into Poppyland to foil Poppy's plan of poisoning all of her customers with a toxin laced within every recreational drug available that causes blue rashes, Beauty-Bot was tasked to help Poppy's men in taking down the agents.

After Harry and Eggsy finish off all of Poppy's men, Beauty-Bot uses a grenade launcher to fire three grenades in an attempt to kill the agents. Fortunately, Harry uses his umbrella to produce a high-tensile wire to grab all of the three grenades and throw them back at Beauty-Bot, destroying her in a big explosion.



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