Beauty Smith is the main antagonist of the 2018 animated Netflix film, White Fang. He is an abusive dogfighter who is the boss of Curtis.

He was voiced by Paul Giamatti.


As Grey Beaver and White Fang arrive in Fort Yukon, they encounter Ned and his fighting dog. As they leave, Ned instigates a fight between the two dogs and White Fang wins. Beauty Smith offers to buy White Fang, but Grey Beaver refuses. Later, as Grey Beaver is selling mittens, Beauty Smith orders Curtis to steal his necklace. The next day, Beauty Smith and Curtis blackmail Grey Beaver for White Fang, forcing the chief to surrender White Fang.

White Fang defeats all his opponents against him, including several dogs and a lynx, until a bull mastif and a doberman are brought to fight him. They easily defeat him until a marshal named Weedon Scott stops the fight and forcefully buys White Fang from Beauty Smith. As Hank calls out for Weedon, Beauty Smith knocks him unconscious.

After Weedon and Maggie tame White Fang, Curtis has followed Weedon to Crystal Creek and tells Beauty Smith about his plan to steal White Fang back. They hire Jim Hall to finish Weedon up as they go to Crystal Creek.

As Jim Hall attacks Weedon, White Fang attacks him and Weedon knocks him unconscious. Weedon and White Fang go back to the cabin and find Beauty Smith and Curtis threatening Maggie. As Maggie begs for Beauty Smith to let White Fang be, he hits Weedon in the leg with his walking stick and tries to kill him until White Fang grabs his stick and breaks it in half. White Fang and Maggie chase Beauty Smith to their shed while Weedon holds off Curtis. After White Fang spares his life, Hank arrives and the villains are arrested.


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