I apologize for such a rude interruption. Please let us continue.
~ Bec Lawise during the peace conference with the Republic.

Bec Lawise is the leader of the Sepratist Parliment in the show Star Wars: the Clone Wars. Although Count Dooku is the leader, he aranges the meetings of the Council and helps Dooku run it.

He was voiced by Corey Burton, who also voiced Count Dooku in the series.


When Mina Bonteri proposed that the Separtists make peace with the Republic he was present and disagreed. He also helped Dooku turn the other senators against her.

In a later episode, he along with a couple other Sepratist senators met with some Republic sentors on the neutral plant of Mandalore to make peace talks. When Lux Bonteri came to try to tell the truth to everyone he ordered his droid guards to take him away and told everyone that Lux lied about the whole thing.

When the Separatist and Republic make Rush Clovis the head of the Banking Clan he is sent to represent the Separatists with Padme Amidala who represents the Republic. This whole event was secretly a plot by Dooku to make Clovis seem like a Separatist. To further this plot Dooku has his armies invade Scipio and he has Padme captured. Bec Lawise was along with this plan as well.

When Dooku, Clovis, and Lawise confront Pamde Lawise questions Dooku. He claims that the rest of the Separatist Senate won't agree with it. Padme then grabs a droid's gun and points it at Dooku however Dooku uses the Force making her point it at Lawise and shoot it to make an example of him. The shot kills Lawise and his body is seen later in the episode.


  • His species is Siniteen.


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