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Becca is a villainess from Scream's second season opener, "I Know What You Did Last Summer". She appeared as the main villainess in the episode's film-within-a-show.

She was portrayed by Chelsea Bruland.

In the film, which was playing in the beginning of the episode, Becca was the best friend of the movie's main protagonist, who was searching for her pet cat. The protagonist finds her cat in the attic, which is where a hooded figure appeared and slowly crept behind her, while clutching a knife.

However, Becca turned heel and revealed herself as the hooded figure, with the reveal coming after the protagonist called Becca and her phone was heard ringing right behind her. The unnamed blonde lashed out at Becca's "unfunny joke," but in response, Becca cemented her heel persona by attacking her former friend with the knife; stabbing her and striking her face with the weapon. When the protagonist asked Becca why she was doing this, the evil Becca stated that she was sick of her slut-shaming, right before she pushed the protagonist through the window, killing her.



  • Becca is the second killer who's fictional both for real-life audience and for characters within the franchise (predated by Chloe), and therefore doesn't count as an official canon killer.
  • Her motive mirrors Audrey Jensen's original motive. However, while Audrey was retconned into a hero without an innocent blood on her hands, Becca remained a villain in her setting-within-a-show.


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