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Becca Swanson is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. She appeared as a supporting character in 2009 and became a major antagonist in 2010.

She was portrayed by Simone James.


Becca Swanson first appeared in December 2009 as a friend of Stacey Slater, whom she met whilst undergoing sectioning and the pair formed a close friendship since then.

In 2010, Becca lives with Stacey and her husband Bradley Branning for a while. She learns that Stacey's sectioning was caused by her rape from pub landlord Archie Mitchell, who was recently murdered and whom Bradley is suspected of murdering. When Becca disapproves of Stacey's intention of leaving the square with Bradley, she deliberately phones the police and claims that Bradley killed Archie so that Stacey wouldn't leave with him. Her plan works but ends in tragedy when Bradley falls to his death from the roof of The Queen Victoria public house. Becca watches as Stacey, who later reveals herself to be Archie's killer, mourns the death of her husband.

After Bradley's funeral, Becca begins dating his father Max Branning and attempts to forge her friendship with Stacey a lot further onwards. But Stacey's mother Jean clashes with Becca on several occasions and eventually learns about her calling the police on Bradley, thereby realizing that Becca is partly responsible for Bradley's death. Jean would ultimately reveal this to Stacey, who confronts Becca about it. Despite the truth behind out, Becca refuses to show any remorse for what happened and insists that Bradley brought his death upon himself. Stacey responds by slapping Becca, who in retribution throws Bradley's ashes at her. With their friendship ended, Becca coldly leaves the square after Jean kicks her out of their house.



  • She made a total of 49 appearances throughout her time on the show.