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Becky is a secondary antagonist in the Sin City story "The Big Fat Kill". In the film adaption she is portrayed by Alexis Bledel.

Becky is one of the Old Town girls and one of the younger girls. Wanting out of the business, Becky allies herself with Wallenquist, in return for money and her mother's safety. When one night, Becky is harrassed by Jack Rafferty, she brushes him off and once he draws a gun to force Becky to enter his car, Jack and his friends are slaughtered by Miho. Only afterwards, they realize that Rafferty was in fact a cop and that killing him violated the deal made between the prostitutes and the police. In order to save herself, Becky sells out her friends to Wallenquist and his henchman Manute.

Becky's fate differs between the film and graphic novel. In the novel, she is shot in the final battle and dies but in the film she survives and encounters the Colonel who presumably kills her as he did the same thing earlier in the film.


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