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Things can get messy when you make a deal with the Devil.
~ Bee
I used to be so small... and so scared. Now I'm strong... and I'm confident... and that's all I ever wanted.
~ Bee on why she dealt with The Devil.

Bee is the main antagonist of The Babysitter film series. She is the anti-villainous main antagonist of the 2017 comedy horror film, The Babysitter, and an anti-hero in the 2020 sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

She is Cole's babysitter and, in secret, a Satanist who made a deal with Mephistopheles to get whatever she wanted in exchange for the lives (and possibly souls) of innocent people. After being defeated by Cole, she returns two years later to save him and Phoebe, a girl she had once babysat for and made a deal to save.

She was portrayed by Samara Weaving, who also played Melanie Cross in Mayhem and Nix Degraves in Guns Akimbo.


At first, Bee is presented as a charming, lovely, and pleasant character, being loved by Cole and protective of him. She tends to his injuries, gives him helpful advice, and has fun times with him while babysitting him. However, this is an act to cover up who she truly is: a calculating, malicious, murderous psychopath who would kill even a child at the drop of a hat. Though she may have had some good in her before turning to Satanism, any of it was as good as gone when she started killing, becoming desensitized to and even enjoying taking the lives of others through barbaric and bloody methods, keeping a dead stare all the while.

She works as a babysitter simply so she can get "pure blood" for the Satanic ritual, being from the children that she looked after. It's heavily implied that she murdered several of these children in the past either erroneously or intentionally, when she mentioned in passing that she'll need to "skip town again". Though the reason in the movie is for the multiple homicides of her friends and the cops, it's most likely that she had to for the deaths of children before Cole, a mistake she wanted to ensure she didn't make again until he became a viable threat to her position, because him being a "faucet" of pure blood, she must maintain him to perform the ritual. She also told Cole that he wasn't her first kid, making it all the more likely that the children she took care of died because of her carelessness and/or inexperience.

Unlike her friends, Bee is a much more serious and dangerous character. She seems to only tolerate their presence, and it's not made entirely clear why she has them around in the first place. They're much more emotional, superficial, and dimwitted than she is, and are possibly many years (perhaps even centuries) her junior. Bee was most likely only using them, as she's not very close to them, given that she sees their deaths as inconvenient at best and has no inhibition killing them if need be. It's revealed her true intent was just so she could form her cult for The Devil, and in the end betrays all of them anyway and damns them all to Hell.

Despite her evil demeanor, Bee has a truly caring side, having made a deal with the Devil to save Phoebe before meeting Cole and trying to convince him to join her rather than kill him. When Bee returns two years after failing to kill Cole, she reveals that the night they fought changed her for the better and she sets things up to both get rid of her friends forever and to protect Cole and Phoebe, the two people she loves the most in the world. In the end, Bee sacrifices herself to protect the two, stating that for them to be truly safe she must die as well as one side must win completely and destroy all of their demons which includes her. During her reunion with Cole and Phoebe, Bee is visibly emotional and even cries as she says goodbye and sacrifices herself to save them.

The Babysitter:

Bee first appears protecting the protagonist Cole from his bully Jeremy, whispering a threat in his ear, causing him and his goons to run off. She tends to Cole's injuries, and after dropping Cole off at his house, she tells him that they'll party the next night while she babysits him.

The next day, Bee arrives as Cole's parents leave. Bee and Cole have fun swimming, dancing, and mimicking movies. She also offers Cole some alcohol but Cole, apprehensive, secretly dumps it in a nearby plant after Bee leaves the room, and pretends to have drunk it when she returns, feigning disgust.

After making sure Cole goes to bed, she invites her friends, Allison, Max, Sonya, John, and Samuel, to the house. Unbeknownst to her, Cole is spying on them. After playing truth or dare, in which Bee is dared to kiss all her friends, ending with Samuel, she raises two daggers and stabs Samuel in the head, as Cole watches in horror. Her friends fill two chalices with Samuel's blood, and the five are revealed to be Satanists, as Bee pulls out a book she refers to as The Devil's Bible. She explains the ritual to them of dripping the blood on the page and reciting the verses.

She announced they'll soon head upstairs to get Cole's blood, terrifying Cole who runs to his room and calls 911, and subsequently fake-sleeps. When they enter the room, they use a needle to take his blood, which Bee says shouldn't wake him, given the amount of drugs she gave him. He manages to hold still, despite his fear of needles. Just before Bee exits the room, she notices his window is open from when he attempted to escape. She crouches behind his door, and reenters the room when she hears his attempt to escape. Cole unfortunately passes out from exhaustion due to his blood loss. The group ties him to a chair in the living room.

In the living room, the group interrogates him, and Bee tells Cole he shouldn't be awake, admitting to spiking the shot she gave him with drugs meant to keep Cole asleep. They try to convince him that they needed his blood for a science project. They believe they've convinced Cole of the lie and are about to untie him, when a cop car pulls up to the house. Bee now knows that Cole saw more than he initially let on, and when the cops enter the house, Max throws a poker through one's eye. This cop stumbles back, firing his gun into Allison's boob. Bee kills the other cop by slitting his throat and Max finishes off the wounded one by tearing the poker up through his skull.

Another officer radios in on a walkie-talkie, inquiring about the situation. Bee forces Cole to give them the cop codes for "all clear" and "food break", and warns him not to lie, noting that he turns his head when he does so. He gives them the correct codes, quelling any suspicion. A wounded Allison starts sobbing and complaining about her bullet wound, but Bee refuses to call an ambulance because of the multiple dead bodies present. While they're distracted, Cole escapes and runs upstairs. John chases him but Cole accidentally kills him by pushing him over a staircase, causing him to fall and impale his neck on a trophy. Bee, angered, tells Max and Sonya to get Cole, annoyed that she has another body to get rid of. Bee stays behind to clean up the crime scene.

After Max and Sonya are killed by Cole, Bee fires at him with a shotgun she took from the cops' car. She follows him as he runs into his friend Melanie's house, but the two evade her as she looks around the house. Cole tells Melanie to call the police, and runs outside towards his house, taunting Bee along the way.

At the house, Cole's surprised to see that Bee's gotten rid of all evidence of the crimes that took place. Cole comes across a seemingly lifeless Allison sitting in a chair, who springs to life and attacks him while he's in the kitchen, now deranged and vengeful. As she's about to kill Cole with a kitchen knife, Bee kills her with the shotgun, blowing her head apart. As Bee ponders what to do with Cole, he grabs the book and threatens to set it aflame unless Bee explains everything to him.

Bee explains to Cole that she made a deal with The Devil to get whatever she wanted, and explains the ritual to him. Instead of killing Cole, she attempts to sway him to join her efforts and to lie to the authorities that the others attacked the two of them, killing them in self defense. Cole refuses the deal and burns the book, leaving a horrified Bee to try and put it out. While she frantically tries to quench the flames, Cole steals Melanie's dad's car and drives it into the house, crashing it into Bee. While they share a last farewell, Cole tells her his intergalactic dream team as per her final request, before he leaves the house, presuming her dead.

While a firefighter investigates the house, he finds no body underneath the car, revealing Bee survived. Bee suddenly appears and attacks the firefighter, presumably killing him.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen:

Two years later, Cole is thought to be crazy as no one believes the events of the night at his house while Cole remains obsessed with Bee. Bee's friends return and attempt to perform the ritual again, joined by Cole's friend, Melanie though there is initially no sign of Bee herself this time.

As the ritual gets underway, Bee emerges from a nearby lake and is revealed to be both behind the events of the night and the former babysitter of Cole's new girlfriend Phoebe. When Phoebe was a young girl, they were both in a car accident that Phoebe was thought to be the only survivor of. In reality, Bee made a deal with the Devil to save the young girl. After collecting the needed blood, Bee's friends drink but begin to melt as Cole is no longer a virgin due to having sex with Phoebe. Only Bee is spared because she doesn't drink the blood.

In the aftermath, Bee is revealed to have set up the entire thing to save Cole and Phoebe, purposefully bringing them together by manipulating events. Though Bee wasn't sure it would work, she reminds Cole that she had always told him that when the right girl came along, she would appreciate his weirdness and that getting what you want without working for it is ultimately unrewarding. Bee remembers Cole telling her that he loved her two years before and states that he had changed her for the better that night. However, they aren't all safe yet. Their conversation is interrupted by Cole's father who is surprised to see Bee and she tells him that he had raised a fine young man.

Turning back to Cole and Phoebe, an emotional Bee tells them to take care of each other. Taking the chalice of blood, Bee explains that the ritual has winners and losers, "you or them" and that there can be no draw, they must defeat their demons or die. Bee reminds them that there is one demon left that must die for them to be truly safe: her. As Cole desperately pleads with her, Bee drinks from the chalice of blood, dooming herself to save Cole and Phoebe. Crying, the three exchange goodbyes with Cole and Bee doing their finger touch one last time. Bee backs away and is surrounded by a maelstrom of sand. Bee burns away into nothing and the maelstrom vanishes. Having witnessed Bee's demise, Cole's father finally believes about what had happened and no longer thinks that he's nuts.


Alrighty babes let's head upstairs and get the blood of the innocent.
~ Bee to her fellow cultist.
Did you just ruin Mad Men for me?
~ Bee to Cole.
Well, I guess that's true. But don't you get it yet? I am the big bad.
~ Bee to Cole.
The blood of the sacrificed, mixed with the blood of the innocent. But you’re not so innocent anymore, are ya?
~ Bee to Cole and Phoebe, revealing her betrayal of her fellow cultist.
You wanna tell ‘em, or should I?
~ Bee to Phoebe on how Cole is no longer a virgin.


  • The famous makeout scene between Bee and Allison was not in the original script.
  • Whether Bee is an alias, stands for Beatrice, Beatrix, Belinda or Brittany or is Bee's actual given name is unknown.
  • Much of Bee's advice she gave to Cole ironically resulted in her downfall, with him using it as a motivator to face his fears and do away with Bee and her friends.
  • It's theorized that Bee may be a centuries-old witch, mainly because she possesses The Devil's Bible, which she herself describes as being very old.
    • There is another theory that Bee is Thomasin from Robert Eggers' The Witch, a blonde-haired girl who becomes a witch under Lucifer (who also has a book of his own) by the end of the film. However, the second film seemingly disproves this theory.

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