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The Beekeeper is a minor villain in Henry Danger and a minion of Rick Twitler. The Beekeeper is an adult who has black hair and brown eyes. Giving him his name, he wears a beekeeper suit. He seems to have some control over bees. He also makes bee-puns related to his evil work. He is portrayed by Jeremy Guskin.


Henry Danger

In Part 1: A New Evil, the Beekeeper, together with Rick Twitler, staged a kidnapping that would lure Captain Man and Kid Danger right into Twitler's trap within the Swellview Honey Factory. Twitler recorded a video prior to the "kidnapping" to trick the media into believing he is innocent. He briefly battles Captain Man with his bees and bee puns but was defeated when he stunned him with a laser.

In Part 2: A New Darkness, a chalk outline of where the Beekeeper's body was is shown when Charlotte and Jasper look for the magic bee in the Honey Factory.

In Secret Room, he is seen briefly in Swellview Honey Factory with his bees. He seems to have returned there and that place once again became his lair.

In Game of Phones, he returns with The ToddlerDr. Minyak, and the Time Jerker, who gathered up in a desert somewhere in Swellview. They were meeting The Messenger, who had blueprints for the Omega Weapon that could destroy the heroes. They were all captured and defeated by Chapa, Captain Man, and Kid Danger.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, the Beekeeper, together with the Toddler and Dr. Minyak, are briefly released from prison and attend Kid Danger's funeral chained together. They tearfully mourn the loss of their enemy.

Danger Force

The Beekeeper appears (along with the rest of the prisoners) in "The Danger Force Awakens" getting out of jail. He couldn't bee-lieve" his luck.


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