The beautiful bloody fireworks of gray matter and entrails bursting out. Truly a sight to see, indeed.
~ Beel Bub commenting on the slaughter

Beel Bub is an antagonist in the anime Cautious Hero. He serves under the Demon Lord and commands an army of giant flies.

He was voiced by Kanehira Yamamoto.


He is a giant anthropomorphic fly. He has dark skin and long limbs, along with giant red facette eyes. However he does wear black pants and brown shoes. On his knees and belt, he also has spikes.


Beel Bub sees himself and his flies as superior to humans. He has extreme speed and agility. He also has a twisted sense of sadistic humor. But he seems to have a bad temper, along with mood swings and gets impatient when he cant locate the hero.


Under the Demon Lord's orders he attacks Olga castle with his army of more than 300 demon flies, he calls the Aerial Assault Flies. He gathers near a giant tree and his swarm of flies look like dark clouds. He tells the humans to bow down and then manages to avoid all of their arrows. His flies then pick up a lot of soldiers into the air. Beel Bub tells them to start the reverse fireworks, with which he means the bloody explosions of the soldiers falling to their deaths. He laughs, but still looks frantically for the hero, Seiya. He doesn't destroy the castle entirely since he only wants to draw the hero out. Beel Bub then retreats to his lair for the meantime.

Beel Bub threatening to drop Rosalie

Later the knight Rosalie attempts to fight him, but gets quickly lifted up. Beel Bub decides to fly as high as he can and then drop her from that height. Ristarte catches up to him, which alerts Beel Bub that Seiya is also around. Since he might get shot with an arrow, he flies higher until he is above the clouds. There he wants to drop Rosalie but is streaked by an arrow of Seiya. Ristarte manages to catch Rosalie and then Beel Bub storms towards him. He has studied human magic and calculated that they would never be able to harm him at this height. He dodges all of Seiya's arrows. But Seiya learned a skill, which transforms arrows into magic birds. Beel Bub couldn't possibly predict that and is shocked. The birds pierce through his chest and kill him.


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