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Hmph. humans and their names... I guess there was a time... ...When I was known by that little label. "Amon's Hand," and "God of the Flies" are some others. These days, however, I'm known to most as, Beelzebub. But my friends can call me "Bee." Do you want to be my friend?
~ Bee meeting Ken for the first time.

Beelzebub, also known by her nickname Bee, is a major character in the 2005 manga series written and drawn by Juzo Tokoro, Shadows of Spawn, an adaptation of Todd McFarlane's comic series Spawn. She is a faerie-like creature who mentors the titular main protagonist Ken Kurosawa whenever Violator is absent.

She makes her first debut in chapter 72nd of the 1st volume.


Bee first appears as a rude and sarcastic demon who enjoys taunting others such as Ken and Violator. However, after Ken overpower Anubis and killed him, Bee shows respect towards Ken and helps him to use his abilities, as well as well-intended comments about Ken when he's not around.

She even shows concern for Ken when the latter furiously storms out of the church, which Bee asked Violator it was alright to let Ken go on like that, or when Ken was savagely wounded, Bee was saddened by this and goes as far to heal Ken's injuries. But she denies any empathy for the Hellspawn when she talked to another demon named Nebulos, but thinks of him as a powerful being. It was also shown that Bee and Ken became friends in the 3rd volume.


Early Life

Not much known about Bee's background. But she is implied to be Malebolgia's younger sister.

Shadows of Spawn

Volume 1

Bee approaching Ken by introducing herself and talked about being given many like "Amon's Hand" and "Gold of the Files". She begins training Ken on how to use his abilities. After telling Ken that his sister Mariko no longer needs his help, Bee starts laughing and taunts the Hellspawn. Ken grabs her and threatens to crush her. As continues to Bee provoke Ken, he lets her go. Bee questions him and claims she can't be crushed. Ken rushes through the city, Bee chases after him and kept asking where's he going. Thinking it's about vengeance, Bee calls him a fool for thinking he brought back to take revenge on some two-bit thugs.

Realizing there's no reason to live anymore, Bee tries to kill Ken as a promise from Violator. Bee bites Ken on the neck, but fails due to Ken's psychoplasm. She decides to teach Ken one more lesson to show him she's not a "bad little bee". They headed to two-mile North by Northwest as a lesson. But it was revealed that Ken's sister was being used as a sacrifice by an evil being called Anubis. Ken and Bee teleported to Anubis. While fighting against the monster, Ken loses focus when his strength was unable to damage Anubis. Bee tells him that the teleportation takes all of a Hellspawn's abilities away for a while from them and reminding him it'd be the death of him. While spectating, Bee says Anubis doesn't seem to be at full strength and nothing but a man doped on psychoplasm and wearing a dog mask. Once Anubis attacks Ken, he responds to the Hellspawn's armor and completes his full transformation. Bee starts to taunt Ken while he was being brutally attacked by the mad creature, Ken overpowers Anubis by reversing the flow of the psychoplasm from the creature back to himself, which shocked Bee.

After killing Anubis, Ken asks Bee what happened. She tells that Anubis wasn't a full-blooded demon but was just a human hopped on psychoplasm. Once the vessel holding the psychoplasm is broken, the host reverts back to its original form. However, Mariko walks in on Ken, screaming thinking he was a murderer the world-famous egyptologist Harold Carter. Unknowingly that Carter was a madman that tried to use her as a sacrifice. Ken and Bee fled to an abandoned church. Bee sarcastically greets Ken for his new "home". Violator returns and orders Bee to tell Ken anything he wants to know. Violator transforms into his clown form and starts cursing about Malebolgia trapped him in an "infernal fat, oily, disgusting form", Bee asks him if he was spat by Malebolgia, which caused Clown to furiously swears at Bee. After explaining how Violator was able to regain his true form back, Bee and Ken made fun of him about his true form.

After Ken becomes outraged and leaves the church after being told by Bee that he and his sister are just pawns to Malebolgia, Bee warns Violator about Hell's assassins coming after him while his "bodyguard" isn't around. Violator starts to panic and transforms into a bat and searches for Ken. While Ken tries to protect Bee from Tremor II, she chastises him about challenging the force of a titan infused with psychoplasm. While trying to exploit his abilities, Tremor tries to attack Bee, but fails due to Ken blocking his attack, but still gets hurt from the hit. Tremor traps Bee, but ending up getting his arm blown off by the latter and heals Ken back to health. Somewhere in the forest, Bee has a chat with another demon named Nebulos, who asks what was her intentions were, which she says it was nothing.

Volume 2

After Violator tells Ken to go to Cheveyo for training to protect Mariko, Bee appears and comments on Violator's decision of letting Ken go to Cheveyo for training. As usual, Violator shows no problem on having Ken getting killed, even he did, their training would be done.

Volume 3

While Ken sneaks up on Violator and questioning him how he found out about "Delighting in the suffering of others", Bee warns Violator not to burn up any of his powers that could lead the same way the "little monsters self-serving humans" become. Before leaving, Bee tells Ken that to go to Cheveyo quickly as she mentions that he's "almost out of time".


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