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This body is the noblest and most eminent of all in this world. It should hold absolute control over this world. It once promised its people a dream: the never-changing eternity.
~ Ei about the Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone.
You will be inlaid upon this statue.
~ Beelzebul during the 2.0. trailer.
You are the enemy of eternity... But as the victor, I acknowledge your honor. Therefore, I shall allow you to leave Tenshukaku alive.
~ The Shogun's honorifics towards the Traveler after executing La Signora.

Raiden Ei, under the Archon name of Beelzebul, and also known by her puppet, the Raiden Shogun, commonly distinguished from her true form as The Shogun, is a major antagonist turned major character of Genshin Impact. She is the God of Eternity and the current Electro Archon. As the Shogun, she is one of the main antagonist of Chapter II, serving as the overarching antagonist of the prelude as well as "Act 1: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia", a major antagonist in "Act 2: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow", the final antagonist of "Act 3: Omnipresence Over Mortals", and the protagonist of both acts of her Story Quest "Umbrosa Imperatrix Chapter": "Reflections of Mortality" and "Transient Dreams" as Raiden Ei while the Raiden Shogun is the main antagonist.

Essentially the ruler and the Archon of the Japanese-based nation known as Inazuma, Beelzebul is responsible for the Vision Hunt Decree which results in some people losing their own visions and dreams, and aspiration and ambitions were destroyed after their own visions were confiscated. It was later revealed that the Vision Hunt Decree was perpetrated by the Fatui to instigate conflicts around Inazuma and create a black market of Delusions.

The factions that pledged loyalty towards the Electro Archon herself, the Tenryou Commission, were responsible of executing Beelzebul's order by obeying the Vision Hunt Decree while Beelzebul stored most of the visions that were confiscated in the statue of the Thousand-Armed Hundred-Eyed God.

She is voiced by Ju Huahua in Chinese, Anne Yatco in English, and Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese, with the latter best known for voicing Ultear Milkovich, Elletear Lou Nebulis IX, Mosquito Girl, Krystalinda, Charlotte Pudding, and Ivy Valentine. Both the former and latter are more famously known for voicing Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact 3rd, whom was used as inspiration for Beelzebul's title, design, and abilities much like other Genshin Impact characters.


Beelzebul can be described as a tall woman with slim limbs, with purple eyes and matching hair twirled into a long, spiraling braid tied with a bow, alongside having an ornament in her hair of a piece of gold with purple flowers. Her outfit consists of a short purple robe akin to a samurai kimono covering her torso, pelvis, and back tied with various fabrics, black garments under it going up to the palms, long, black stockings with purple trim, flowers on her left leg, and golden sandals with red straps. She also has a golden box tied with red cloth on her back, and a purple and white fan.

In her alternate design seen in cutscenes, Beelzebul wears her hair down with bangs covering her face and right eye, with her having another ornament being of her fan with a golden tassel. Beyond that, she wears black cloth around her neck and a much larger kimono, with it extending to nearly encase the arms and shield the legs in front while dragging alongside her on the back. She seems to wear similar (if not identical) garments covering her legs and feet, but her weapon changes to that of a Japanese katana.


Judging by the descriptions and comments that she made on Vajrada Amethyst Stones, Beelzebul can be described as a heavily implied vain person who views her own body as the noblest and most eminent in the world and it is stated in the trailer for the upcoming Inazuma content, Beelzebul viewed the lives of other people as inconsequential. Due to her Vision Hunt Decree policy which causes people to lose their dreams, aspirations, ambitions and potentially their lives, Paimon describes it the best that she rules less like an Archon and more like a tyrant. Beelzebul can also be described as an unfettered tyrant as she will stop at nothing to gain immortality with the Visions she had confiscated.

In addition, due to her perception of the Visions as divine blessings, it is commonly speculated that Beelzebul also refuses to give Electro Vision towards potential new users for a full year during her tyrannical rule while people also perceive her rule as an Eternal One despite it was revealed that Beelzebul is not one of the original Archons like Venti and Zhongli and is revealed to be younger than them. However, it is revealed that the speculation about Visions was mainly untrue as Beelzebul herself mentions that Visions aren't granted or denied by an Archon's will. Despite her seemingly tyrannical acts and personality, according to Kazuha, even if her friend died during the duel with Shogun and one of her subordinates, Sara Kujou, she is revealed to have an honorable side for her own personality as it is stated by Kazuha, she is justified on her conduct during the duel against Kazuha's friend and fought in an honorable battle. This, however, did not stop her from attacking the traveler in the back, after the traveler has won the duel, and was free to go. However, it is unknown if this due to the programming of the puppet, or a more dishonorable side of Beelzebub. In addition, according to the description of the Shibas, it is stated that Beelzebul had a soft spot towards dogs as Beelzebul once greatly adored the canine breed itself.

It is revealed that most of the time Beelzebul is actually meditating in her own pocket dimension, also known as the Plane of Euthymia, by storing her consciousness inside the Musou Isshin. While meditating, her physical puppet holds a cold, stern personality. When Beelzebul is actively piloting her puppet, she has a curious and sweet personality and takes a liking towards desserts, often telling the Traveller to sometimes ignore the words of her puppet. Yae Miko describes Beelzebul herself as a child, often going into a temper side, crying and raving over desserts and light novels. This is essentially a split personality but is better described as an 'autopilot mode', as it is also shown that when Beelzebul's personality does not follow the puppet's programming as when the puppet started mistaking Beelzebul's willing change of personality as "erosion", the puppet will disobey her and even refuse to move. Beelzebul acknowledges that her puppet self as the Raiden Shogun can easily be manipulated, and after being defeated in combat directly halts the Vision Hunt Decree upon being confronted by her old friend Yae Miko.


Beelzebul is the status of the Electro Archon, as both were twin (Ei and Makoto) goddesses who won the Archon War. Makoto established herself as the Electro Archon and the Raiden Shogun, while Ei served as her Kagemusha. Most civilians didn't know there were two due to their twin appearances. When Makoto died during the Cataclysm five hundred years ago, Ei became the next Electro Archon and assumed her identity. She was taught by Yae Miko how to store her consciousness inside inanimate objects. Beelzebul created a puppet clone with a cold and stern personality programmed to rule Inazuma while she herself meditated in the Plane of Euthymia, storing her consciousness inside the sword that the puppet wields. Beelzebul can resume full control over the puppet whenever she pleases. Prior to the creation of the Shogun puppet, she created a prototype of the puppet named "Kunikuzushi". As the prototype was deemed successful, Beelzebul sealed his powers and let him roam around Inazuma until the Fatui found him, eventually becoming "Scaramouche".

A year ago, before the main story started, Beelzebul implemented a decree known as Sakoku Decree that closes Inazuma from the rest of the nation located in Teyvat to the point that she had to control weathers and storms just to close her own country from the outsiders. The experience to escape or at the very least, leaving Inazuma itself were rather arduous at best as proven by one of the Inazuman defectors who now lives in Liyue, Atsuko, due to one of the Tri-Commission that works for Beelzebul, the Kanjobugyo, that took care of the border and the people who wished to leave Inazuma and Baal's ability to control storms and the weather itself that closed Inazuma. Despite the Sakoku Decree that was implemented, the Fatui from Snezhnaya themselves doesn't seem to be affected by it due to diplomatic immunity. It is revealed that the Fatui manipulated Beelzebul's puppet into implementing the Vision Hunt Decree in order to encourage the use of delusions in a scheme to bring down Inazuma.

At one point, due to Beelzebul's tyrannical reign, many spirits were fled into the forests. The culmination of her tyranny boils down to the fact that she implemented the Vision Hunt Decree, the decree where people's Visions that were bestowed by the Archon's above were confiscated by The Raiden Shogub and her subordinates. The decree was implemented due to the puppet viewing it as a key to pursue immortality, a threat to her realm and also a divine thing that should be on the property of the gods itself, Beelzebul's actual self was aware of this but didn't seem to care due to not knowing of the harm caused. The decree itself were executed by one of the Tri-Commission organization, The Tenryou Commission led by the Kujou clan. In addition to all of this, Beelzebul also refused to give new visions, especially the Electro ones, towards other people while also stored the visions that were confiscated by the Tri-Commission in the statue of the Thousand-Armed Hundred-Eyed God. Due to several innocent people's vision were taken with some of them leading to the loss of lives as the puppet views them as inconsequential, several people including the ones from Sangonomiya Household rebelled against The Raiden Shogun's tyranny.

At one point, one of the Inazuman Citizens attempted to challenge both Vision Hunters and the puppet to an honorable duel with his wish yearning to see the Divine Sword Technique wielded by Beelzebul known as Musou no Hitotachi. However, the citizen in question was defeated by one of her subordinates, Sara Kujou, as Beelzebul punishes him with Musou no Hitotachi due to the citizen's defeat. As said citizen friend, Kaedehara Kazuha, attempts to stop him, it was too late as he grabs the dead vision left by his own friend as Kazuha himself fled from Inazuma, wanted by the Shogun and her subordinates as he found himself on the Crux Fleet in the end. In the present day, after knowing about Zhongli's seemingly faked death, Beelzebul then attempts to enact her further plans.

In her teaser, she is revealed to have lost three of her friends and her sister Makoto during the Cataclysm, which led her down into the path of darkness and a state of loneliness and depression. The loss of her loved ones eventually led to her path of upholding the ideal of Eternity.

In the 2.1 update introducing the final part to the Inazuma story, it is also revealed that the Fatui were preventing the full truth from being heard by Ei in her full consciousness in order to keep the Vision Hunt Decree going. The Traveler, infuriated by Scaramouche's plans, challenges La Signora infront of the puppet to a duel, to which La Signora accepts. After La Signora is defeated, the Raiden Shogun keeps her end and beheads the Fatui harbinger even after Signora's threats. The puppet claims that the Traveler is an enemy to eternity, but she respects their honor and asks them to leave the building. After leaving the building, the Traveler experiences numerous headaches as the resistance charges to the front, only to show Beelzebul suddenly appearing behind Traveler attempting to kill them. Kazuha interrupts and holds off the goddess, and despite nearly being sliced to bits he manages to overcome her strike and send her back, to which she takes the Traveler back to the plane of Euthymia to confront them again as Ei. The visions within the statue however rebel and empower the Traveler, lighting up the dark pocket dimension. Ei, oddly enough, begins to smile, her eyes not having the coldness of her puppet. After being defeated in combat, Yae Miko and the Traveler confront Ei and convince her to stop the Vision Hunt Decree when she realises how much harm her puppet as brought and that the Fatui were trying to manipulate her. Ei is seen again in her own story quest where the Traveler introduces her to the modern customs of Inazuma, as she was not able to experience them while meditating in her puppet.

Powers and Abilities

The voyage to Inazuma is a treacherous one. You will be plagued by a perpetual tempest the entire trip. In fact, the relentless rain and wind are also an embodiment of the Raiden Shogun's will to close the nation.
~ Kazuha about one of Baal's powers.

According to Kazuha, it is stated that the Shogun herself has the ability to control the nature itself much like the other Archons such as Venti and Zhongli who can reshape the land to their own bidding. Her ability to control the nature comes from the part when she is able to control the weather into becoming nothing but storms and rains just with the power of her mind. In addition to all of this, Beelzebul also mastered a sword technique known as "Musou no Hitotachi", which is a symbol of ultimate power and the pinnacle of her skill as she uses it towards the people that lost to a duel against her.

  • Nigh-omnipotence: As a member of the Seven Archons, Beelzebul has near-limitless power. She possesses a wide array of near-omnipotent powers, allowing her to defeat numerous known godly beings such as Orobashi or the Thunderbird. During her boss fight, she is capable of disabling the player characters' elemental powers (except for the Traveler) due to her Vision Hunt Decree. Her Baleful Shadowlord form can summon an immensely powerful slash that appears to be able to tear reality apart and kill those who are unprotected.
    • Superhuman Strength: Beelzebul's strength exceeds greater than that of an average human. According to the stories, her vast powers has cut the serpent Orobashi into pieces, resulting in a rift that cleaved Yashiori Island into two known as the Musoujin Gorge, the concentrated Electro energy around the waters of the gorge was also a result from her finishing move.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to her godly physiology, Beelzebul is superhumanly durable. She was never truly defeated until the Traveler uses the omamori given to her by Yae Miko which allows them to tap into the confiscated visions and effectively abolishing the Vision Hunt Decree, causing her to be defeated in the final duel at the Plane of Euthymia. The Shogun puppet also shows a degree of superhumanly endurance and can summon a powerful Electro Barrier as the Baleful Shadowlord.
    • Superhuman Agility & Reflexes: Beelzebul is superhumanly agile, as attributed by her Electro abilities. She can swiftly dash through her enemies at insane speed as well as blink behind them for a swift slash before her targets could even react at all.
    • Umbrakinesis: She can manipulate the darkness and transport the Traveler through the Plane of Euthymia at will, her meditating place.
    • Electrokinesis: As the Electro Archon of Inazuma, Beelzebul can manipulate the power of electricity, posssessing a wide array of electric-related abilities such as a powerful clap, multiple bolts of lightning, and a thunder strike. Her infamous yet peculiar ability is manifesting an Electro sword from her chest.
    • Weather Manipulation: Beelzebul can summon raging storms around the waters of Inazuma after establishing the Sakoku Decree.
  • Leadership: As the Electro Archon of Inazuma and the leader of the Shogunate, the Raiden Shogun has complete authority over the nation.
  • Engineering Skills: Beelzebul has created a puppet clone of herself known as the "Raiden Shogun" who has a cold, stern personality. This puppet possessed a lot of her abilities and a mind of its own. She has also created a prototype of the puppet prior who would later become known as "Scaramouche".
  • Transformation: The Raiden Shogun puppet can transform itself into the "Baleful Shadowlord". She uses this form to those she deemed a threat to eternity.
  • Swordsmanship / Master hand-to-hand combat: Beelzebul is a master hand-to-hand combatant especially in using katana. She uses her Musou no Hitotachi to deal the finishing blow against both Kazuha's friend and La Signora. She was also seen defeating Kujou Kamaji easily in a one-on-one duel as well the Traveler at the first confrontation.
  • Immortality: Upholding the ideal of Eternity, Beelzebul has also lived around thousands of years, and while she can die, she cannot age inside the Plane of Euthymia, where she resides. Note that if she does leave for a prolonged length of time, she is vulnerable to erosion, which affects all beings that lived long, such as Azhdaha, the Sealed Lord of Vishaps that resides in Liyue.





  • She and the Unknown God are the only characters that defeated The Traveler in a fight.
  • It is revealed that Scaramouche, one of the Fatui Harbringers that serve the Tsaritsa, was created as a failed puppet for Ei. The Raiden Shogun is the completed design for this puppet.
  • While Beelzebul herself has not committed any crimes, she did create the Raiden Shogun and ratified the Vision Hunt Decree, with the Raiden Shogun prolonging the decree and committing the crimes listed.
  • Like Tartaglia, she wields two weapons. She wields a polearm, and her signature lightning sword.
    • Interestingly, both characters are bosses, and as well as major enemies who later became playable characters.
  • She is the only playable character thus far who cannot cook at all as the game gives a special message when trying to cook with her.
  • Baal is commonly used to refer to Ei and her sister, Makoto. The title was used to refer to both as a singular entity, since Ei acted as Makoto's Shadow. When Makoto died, however, Ei took on the handle Baal altogether. This title can also refer to the Raiden Shogun, the puppet created by Ei to rule Inazuma while Ei rested in her Plane of Euthymia.
  • She is commonly known in the community (mostly the meme community) for the scene where she pulls the Musou no Hitotachi sword from her chest, with it commonly being referred to as the 'booba sword'.
  • The Musou no Hitotachi holds Ei's consciousness, as it contains the Plane of Euthymia. It resides in the real world with the Raiden Shogun.
  • Unlike the previous archons (Venti/Barbatos and Zhongli/Morax), Beelzebul as Ei is extremely wealthy due to her more direct way of ruling, but like them, she isn't good at spending Mora due to not needing to spend anything in the Plane of Euthymia.
  • She is the second one-time unique boss in the game, the first being the Miasmic Tumor.
    • She is also the first one-time boss to be structured similarly to a weekly boss despite not being a weekly boss.
    • She is the first boss to stop the player from using elemental skills and bursts with the exception of those of the Traveler.
    • She is also the only non rematchable boss to be able to be fought twice.
  • She is the first character in Genshin Impact to actually kill another major character ingame, as almost every other death isn't seen ingame or is just mentioned in other media.
  • As previously mentioned, she was directly inspired by the Herrscher of Thunder from Honkai Impact, with her name 'Raiden Ei' being taken from the Herrscher of Thunder's real name 'Raiden Mei'. Both characters are strikingly similar:
    • Beelzebul's real name, Raiden Ei is similar to Raiden Mei.
    • Both characters possess electrokinesis (the ability to manipulate lightning).
    • Both characters have long purple hair and purple eyes.
    • Both characters are voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese dub and Juhuahua in the Chinese dub.
    • Honkai Impact 3rd features a manga titled "The Wrath of Baal" which features Mei's first appearance as the Herrscher of Thunder.
    • Raiden Mei is the 3rd Herrscher (the Herrscher of Thunder) while Beelzebul is the third among the Seven Archons to have ever appeared.
    • The Baleful Shadowlord's appearance also resembles the Herrscher of Thunder.
  • Following the leak of her 3D design, MiHoYo faced a major backlash due to her "average NPC" design and completely different from the implied appearance and outfit shown in her first teaser where she faces Kazuha's friend.

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