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Begoña Benavent is a major antagonist in the first three seasons of Elite, serving as a minor antagonist of both the first and second seasons and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Teo Rosón) of the third season.

She is played by Yaiza Guimaré.


Begoña is a strict, perfectionist and determinated mother who constantly pushes her son Polo to excel academically at everything. She is also shown to be desconsiderate as she never priorizes what Polo really wants in life and does not actually support him emotionally, thus wanting him to become someone he is not. Another hint of this is when the principal, per her demands, is forced to expel both Samuel and Guzmán for bullying Polo, not knowing that he was to blame for Marina's murder, meaning that this unfair decision was for nothing. However, after Polo dies she shows a softer side by coming to realize how wrong her actions were towards him and the people she hurt, especially that of Cayetana, whom she and Andrea thank for being the only one to support him when they didn't.



She and Andrea own a very important magazine. Begoña also has maximum influences over every school or police affair.

Seasons 1-2

Begoña has only smaller roles in the first two seasons, being more of a neutral character than a villain. She is only seen during a benefit cocktail party hosted by Marquesado de Caleruega Winery where she asked Christian about his future goals. He explains that he wants to become famous but does not know how to achieve that. Carla's mother, Beatriz, sternly comments on how the younger generation want to become successful with the least effort, to which Carla blatantly asked her how much effort she put to become a wealthy marchioness. Later, she is seen with Polo and her wife Andrea at a restaurant, until Polo, who is being pressured by Carla and Ander to confess being Marina's killer, tells them he is leaving to see Guzmán. While Andrea reacts with surprise at his sudden departure, Begoña doesn't seem to mind and allows him to, saying that Guzmán might need his unconditional support over the grief he's going through. She also attends a fundraiser hosted by Lu and Cayetana until it is revealed by Lu herself that she is a fraud and the daughter of the school's cleaning lady, resulting in Cayetana getting expelled and her mother fired. However, Polo steps in and manages to convince both of his mothers to allow Cayetana and her mother back to the school.

Season 3

Unlike in the previous seasons, Begoña gains a more pivotal role after Polo is arrested for Marina's murder and then released on bail over both lack of evidence and denying the crime, something that will affect the school and his former friends who have now turned on him after finding out. When Polo is hesitant to return to the school, Begoña asks him if he has done something wrong but he only responds with silence, so she insists that he return. However, shortly after he enters, Polo is immediately sent back home by Azucena since he is still under investigation and is not allowed to return until further notice. Polo and Carla are then cited to the court and when Polo seems to be on the verge of confessing what he did, Carla quickly interrupts and (reluctantly on her father's demands) she falsely retracts her confession, saying that she made everything to get back at Polo and her father, so the charges against Polo are dropped and he returns to the school like nothing happened.

However, his return is met harshly by most of the student body, particulary from Guzmán, who spots him taking a look at some flyers for Oxford and violently assaults him, remembering that's the college her sister Marina wanted to attend after graduating, thus not being comfortable with the idea of his sister's killer being allowed to study there. As a result, the outraged Azucena will not tolerate more of this and threatens immediate expulsion on any student should they ever do this to Polo again, which means they will not be allowed to graduate and will have to repeat the year. Later, Begoña and Andrea fund and sponsor a scholarship to bribe students into staying quiet about Polo and have influence over Azucena's decisions. When Samuel and Guzmán harass Polo through impersonating twitter accounts about Marina's murder, he desperately begs his mothers to let him finish school in London. They agree and embrace him. However, his chance is ruined when this and other schools refuse to admit him after the tweet is forwarded. Unknown to Polo, Cayetana is revealed to be the one who sent the tweet so that she wouldn't lose him.

When Polo confronts Valerio for supposedly giving Carla drugs that almost killed her and Samuel arrives to beat him up with Guzmán and Rebeka trying to hold him back, they are seen by Azucena who spots on the floor the drugs that Rebeka and Valerio have been supplying to the school. Consequently, all four of them are expelled by Azucena, especially Samuel and Guzmán, which was mostly forced upon by Begoña, who has had enough of both of them. Of course, their expulsion was unreasonable on account of Polo's recklessness. He clearly feels guilty and knows that Guzmán and Samuel did not deserve this, let alone on their last day of school. Polo does not want to attend graduation, but Begoña still insists that he go because Samuel and Guzmán are not worth the trouble anymore and that if he is not man enough to face them, she will have to step in and handle the situation herself. At the graduation, Lu and Nadia are announced as the winners of the scholarship. However, they manifest the unfairness over the expulsion of their former classmates because of the school protecting a killer like Polo. This infuriates Begoña who suddenly announces that the scholarship has been cancelled and that their only goal was to support Las Encinas and help the students before she is walked off the stage by Azucena.

While they are having dinner together, Begoña angrily discusses the incident with Andrea, claiming that Azucena is to blame for the students' misbehaviour only because she is afraid of them and does nothing about it. Andrea refutes her by telling her how unfair it was of her to cancel the scholarship since it is something that Nadia and Lu have extremely worked hard for. However, Begoña wins the argument when she reminds Andrea that she is one who always deals with a situation Samuel and Guzmán would still be bullying Polo if not for her. Realizing her mothers have gone too far, Polo finally reveals to them that he actually killed Marina. Begoña initially doesn't believe Polo and tells him to drop the matter. When she silences him a second time, Polo angrily snaps and confirms it's true before begging them to reinstate the scholarship for Lu and Nadia. Per his demands, Begoña calls Azucena to reconsider the scholarship. After Polo's accidental death, Begoña, who shows genuine remorse for her actions, and Andrea are called to the police station and she tells the Inspector that Polo confessed to being Marina's killer before he died. They then approach Cayetana at his funeral, offering to pay for any college she wants to apply to as Polo's final wishes, all because she was the only one who truly supported Polo when they didn't know how to. However, Cayetana politely turns down their proposal, no longer wanting to be someone she is not and finally accepting her not wealthy lifestyle, but that doesn't stop her from achieving whatever she puts her mind into and they happily accept her decision.





  • Samuel García (formerly)
  • Guzmán Nunier (formerly)
  • Lucrecia Montesinos (briefly)
  • Nadia Shanaa (briefly)
  • Azucena (briefly)