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Aaah, there’s that pervert again!"
~ Bégoniax upon Rayman coming to her house.

Bégoniax is a boss in the Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and she is a stereotypical and sadomasochistic old witch. Bégoniax wears a red dress with a green vest and shoes of the same color, she has grey skin, red hair and wears a chamber pot on her head with a large fork.


Rayman falls into Bégoniax's outhouse while she is doing her business, which angers her. After quickly running to her lair, she awaits Rayman for a battle. She has the power to turn Rayman into a frog by hitting him with an odd brew. This can be used against her by punching the pot with Rayman's fists and hitting her with her own soup, if Rayman is turned into a frog she will chase him and try to stab him with her fork. She appears later after the second battle with Razoff when she falls in love with him and took him against his will to her house.