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Behemecoatyl, alternatively spelled Behemecoytal, is the main antagonist of the Starship Troopers series.

The supreme ruler of the Arachnids, Behemecoatyl is a colossal life form which is connected to the crust of planet OM-1, the planet may be the Arachnids place of origin. It also looks like a rather large vagina.


During the First Bug War, Behemecoatyl allowed for a Brain Bug to be captured by the United Citizen Federation. This Brain Bug's job was to psychically contact any Psychic members of the United Citizen Federation and gain control of their minds. In this, it was successful in having Sky Marshal Omar Anoke's mind taken over, forcing him into worshiping Behemecoatyl as his God. In doing this, Behemecoatyl was able to force Anoke to disable the Electric Perimeter Fence of Roku San, allowing the Arachnids to overrun the colony. This also placed Omar Anoke's Starship, the Geronimo in jeopardy. As the ship return Earth in a route passing by OM-1, it was hit by plasma from the planet's surface whilst it was in Faster than Light travel. The severly damaged ship was forced to a stop over the planet where upon its personnel abandoned ship. Sky Marshal Anoke landed on the planet onboard an Escape pod where upon Warrior Bugs herded the survivors towards Behemecoatyl. The God Bug picked off several of the survivors until only Omar Anoke and two other survivors remained. Behemecoatyl then impaled Anoke and devoured him, obtaining his knowledge of the United Citizen Federation's intelligence, bases, colonies, and Fleet movements.

Shortly upon devouring Anoke, Behemecoatyl came under attack from Marauders in what became the Battle of OM-1. After the battle, Behemecoatyl was destroyed by the planet-cracking Q Bomb along with the planet OM-1.

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