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Beisht, also known as the Avenger of the Vortex, is the main antagonist of Act I of the Interlude Chapter in Genshin Impact. She is the final follower and "wife" of Osial, the Overlord of the Vortex and sought to avenge her husband.


Little is known about Beisht's origins. All that is known is that she is one of Osial's close followers and "married" him sometime before or during the Archon War until Osial was defeated by Morax.

When Osial was released from his imprisonment by Tartaglia, Beisht did not participate in his attack. Either she was elsewhere or only watching from the sidelines. After Ningguang sealed Osial once more by dropping the Jade Chamber on him, Beisht was made aware of his resealing and sought to avenge him by destroying Liyue Harbor on his behalf.

Captain Beidou caught the presence of the sea serpent outside the area and warned Ningguang, who was in the middle of reconstructing the Jade Chamber. Once the Jade Chamber was completed and flew above the nation of Liyue, Beisht emerged from the water seeing this as her opportunity to attack. Suddenly, she is attacked by the Crux and Guizhong Ballistas in Guyun Stone Forest by the Millileth overseen by Keqing and Ganyu. Ningguang revealed that one of her intentions for rebuilding the Jade Chamber was to lure out Beisht pre-emptively, knowing she couldn't be able to stand the presence of the same building that defeated her husband.

Suddenly, Beisht retaliates by summoning a massive tsunami. The Traveler jumped from the Jade Chamber and lunged at Beisht to intercept the attack, but she blasts them with a beam that blasts them into a stone pillar, knocking them out. Shenhe catches them as they fall and remembers a flashback of her father abandoning her and the Cloud Retainer's words. Angered, Shenhe uses a talisman to freeze the tsunami in place. It shatters and exposes Beisht, allowing the Guizhong Ballistas to continue their barrage at the sea monster.

Beisht then retreats and summons a vortex under the sea, but Shenhe jumps into the vortex after her. The Traveler regains consciousness and follows in too to assist Shenhe. Together, they defeat Beisht and she swims away.

Beisht could later be refought in the Oceanic Defender domain during the Fleeting Colors in Flight event in version 2.4. The player had to defeat her six times to obtain all rewards.


Like her husband, Beisht is a large blue sea serpent, though not as massive as him. Beisht has three heads, each with four pair of eyes and decorated with bright feathery scales and horns. On her foreheads are Osial's marks.


  • Beisht's name is likely derived from the Beisht Kione, a creature of Manx folklore.
  • The theme that plays during Beisht's boss fight is the same theme used in Osial's boss fight.


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