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Mmm, man-blood!
~ Bela Dimtrescu
I can't believe Cassandra caused all this mess.
~ Bela pursuing Ethan Winters.

Bela Dimtrescu is a supporting antagonist in the 2021 first person horror videogame Resident Evil Village. She was a noblewoman who was turned into a mutant by Alcina Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda, becoming an insectoid organism that passed on the form of Bela post transformation. Being the eldest daughter of Alcina and elder sister of Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu, Bela lives in Dimtrescu Castle and likes to consumes human blood.

She was voiced by Rie Tanaka (who also voiced Kiara Sessyoin in Fate/Extra CCC & Fate/Grand Order, Konoe A. Mercury in Blazblue: Central Fiction, Nomura in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kirie Fujou in Kara no Kyoukai, and Virgo Zodiarts in Kamen Rider Fourze) in Japanese and Bekka Prewitt in English.



Bela was born during the early twentieth century, and was captured by Alcina Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda and experimented on with an insect similar to the blowfly. The insectoids were insects being born out of eggs that were planted by the Cadou parasite, which were used by Miranda in an attempt to resurrect her late daughter Eva. The insectoids consumed Bela and other two women, Daniela and Cassandra, managing to mimic human anatomy and assumed the shape of Bela's form after consumption. Bela and her "sisters" would become the "daughters" of Alcina, and presumably inherited her trait to consume human blood from maidens and visitors of the castle. The sisters would eventually learn that they could be effected by cold temperatures, and Alcina had the servants close all of the windows across the castle. The Dimitrescu's set strict rules for the maidens, and would punish their servants if they made mistakes, often resulting in being put into the dungeons where they were killed or turned into undead mutants.

Resident Evil Village

When Mother Miranda decided to use Rosemary Winters as a vessel for her daughter, she gave the child's head to Alcina to guard in her castle. When Rosemary's father, Ethan, traveled to the castle to find her, Bela and her sisters captured and brought him to their mother. The sisters wanted to consume him, but Alcina told her daughters that she needed to speak with Mother Miranda since Ethan managed to escape Karl Heisenberg. Ethan managed to escape from his confinement, however, but Bela and her sisters continued to pursue him across the castle. While Ethan was traveling through the basement, he was cornered by Bela and she attacked him inside the kitchen. Before she could kill him, Ethan shot the window out, causing cold air to rush into the kitchen and weaken Bela, who attempted to kill Winters. Ethan managed to kill Bela, who let out a scream of anguish as she calcified. Ethan would go on to kill the rest of the Dimtrescus, and later save his daughter from Mother Miranda.


A healthy man's blood.. .mmm, I can't wait.
~ Bela while pursuing Ethan.
I need blood. Warm, wet, bright red blood.
~ Bela while pursuing Ethan.
Which tools do you prefer?
~ Bela while pursuing Ethan.
Where are young going, little one?
~ Bela while pursuing Ethan.
You stupid manthing!
~ Bela to Ethan.
I can't believe it!
~ Bela during her boss fight.
How dare you bare your teeth at us!
~ Bela during her boss fight.



  • Bela's name is a possible reference to Bela Lugosi, who played Count Dracula in the titular 1931 film.


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