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Villain Overview

Belarus is an antagonist from Hetalia: Axis Powers

She was voiced by Urara Takano.


Belarus is a frightening and intimidating woman who is in love with her older brother, Russia. She does not seem to respect her brother's space nor apprehension towards being with her. She is also seen to be the one person whom he fears. Additionally, she is shown to have a hatred for Lithuania, who is in love with her.

Her love for Russia is shown especially in the anime, making that one of her most notable attributes. She stalks him and always finds him, even as he attempts to hide from her advances. Her catchphrases include: "Marry me!", "Let's become one!", "Big brother, I want to be your wife!" and other quotes along the same lines. She also experiences schadenfreude when mocking Lithuania and is jealous of her sister Ukraine, who Russia seems to spend more time paying attention to.


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