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Belcha is the first boss in the video game, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble. The level he is in is named Belcha's Barn.

He is a large anthromorphic barrel that spews out an unlimited number of barrels from his mouth.  When Dixie or Kiddy jump on these barrels, a bug known as a Knick-Knack will come out.  By jumping on these bugs, you can stun them and then grab them.  If you aim right, you can shoot the bugs into Belcha mouth, causing him to eat them.  Once eaten he belches driving him towards a pit.  If you manage to get him into the pit, he will be trapped and you will finish the first area of the game.

However, he also moves foward when he shoots a barrel out of his mouth and if you fail to get Knick-Knacks into his mouth, he will eventually knock Dixie and Kiddie down a pit, ending the level.

Because of the design of the boss fight, he does not have any hit points so there is no number of hits needed to defeat him.  However, if you manage to get two bugs in his mouth in a row at the beginning of the battle, you can win the fight.

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