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Emperor Beld (ベルド) is the main antagonist of the first half of Record of Lodoss War (1989 anime). He had once been one of six heroes who saved Lodoss from the Demon King, 30 years ago. To do it, however, Beld's soul was touched by the darkness of the Demon Sword Soul Crusher. He gained possession of the Demon Sword, the counterpart to King Fahn's Holy Sword. Afterward, he came to rule the dark kingdom of Marmo.


Born into the barbarian tribes of Marmo, Beld left as a young man and became a mercenary. His travels brought him to the small kingdom of Skard, in Moss, where he was hired as a captain of the prince’s guard, and taught the prince to fight. Here, he met Wort, a young sorcerer who had become the court mage. However, after the prince betrayed Wort by stealing his most secretive magical research, Wort and Beld both left and traveled Lodoss as mercenaries.

The knowledge stolen from Wort led the prince to summon the Demon God and unleash havoc on all of Lodoss. Beld and Wort joined with the warrior priestess of Falis, Flaus; Fahn, captain of the Holy Knights of Valis; Fleve, the king of the dwarven Kingdom of Stone; Neese, the priestess of Marfa; and the nameless warrior sorceress (Karla).

In the course of their journey, Beld fell in love with Flaus, and it was she who inspired him to unite Lodoss. Though she hoped to be at his side to guide him to uniting the island, it was not to be. In the battle with the Demon God, Flaus sacrificed herself so that Falis would descend on her to smite the demon. Though she hoped that he would save her, Flaus only martyred herself.

Beld returned to Marmo, with the Demon God’s sword, Soul Crusher, and set into motion his plans for conquer. First, he brought his native people together beneath him, and allied himself with the dark elves. From the Dark Forest, he declared himself Emperor of Marmo, and set his sights on the cities of Marmo; Persei and Salbad.

Ashram would come to join him, and help him bring Marmo together under his will. Once Marmo was united, the invasion of Lodoss began. Beld swiftly conquered Kanon, and took regions of Valis and Alania as well. The war eventually brought Beld and Fahn to face each other. Soul Crusher had preserved Beld’s youth, and he defeated Fahn in their duel. However, as he rose victorious, an arrow struck him in the shoulder, and in that moment of the distraction, Fahn’s ally, King Kashue of Flaim, slew Beld.

Appearances in the Series

The Grey Witch story arc; novels, manga, and the OAV. Beld also appeared in the Lady of Pharis back story and Legends of Lodoss novels. He has a few appearances in the Legend of Crystania series in a dream sequence of Ashram’s.

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