Belial (Spawn)

Belial is a demon and a villain in the Spawn series.


Belial is the dark Angel of Fear.Belial was originally a high rangking Angel in Heaven and a servant of God and was originally obtain a leadership role.However his hurbis took hold and obtain a god complex causing God to banish him and Belial later sided with the demons and became apart of Hell.He himself said that he was the president of Hell with Satan as the Chairman. He is also the father of Fury,Faith,and Fantasy. After Al Simmons's father passed away Belial apporaches him with Spawn himself trying to protect him from the demon.Belial plans on using Al's father as a leverage against him the same way they did with Wanda Blake.Belial later attacks spawn and has plans for the future only leaving as Spawn had the holy sword.

Powers and Ablitlies

Belial is a demon of high strandard and can manipulat a person's fear.

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