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The Belial Army, also referred to as the 100 Monster Army, is an army of 100 Battle Nizer Monsters led by Ultraman Belial seeking to conquer the Land of Light, succeeding the Empera Army as the second army to do so. They are antagonists in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.


Following his transformation into a Reionics, Belial used his Giga Battle Nizer to command an army of monsters to attack his former homeland, the Land of Light. The battle ended when the Ultraman King imprisoned Belial. However, Belial was freed by Alien Zarab in the present day. Belial then stole the Plasma Spark and froze most of the Ultra Warriors. He then revived all the deceased monsters in the Monster Graveyard, recreating his past armies.

Belial later combined his monster army into a single being, Beryudora. The army was ultimately destroyed when Beryudora was killed by Ultraman Zero.




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