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But whosoever shall do wrong and go against the will of the gods, him I will punish. I will plague his body with pain, suffering and death, but his spirit shall join me in the shadows forever more.
~ Beliar in the Words of the Gods book.

Beliar is the overarching antagonist of the Gothic series, the archenemy of Innos. He was Innos' twin brother, the mighty god of evil, chaos and darkness, leader of the evil. His followers were the hashishins, the orcs, lizard men, the undead, the dragons and monsters, his priests were the black mages.



In a dark universe, a sudden light came into being and two twin brothers were born in it. One was Innos and the other was Beliar. Innos brought light into this universe, while Beliar remained in the darkness. A third child was also born, but he did not meet any of them. He was Adanos the god of water and neutrality. Innos wanted to create life with all of his power. He created a spherical earth. He created mountains, cliffs, earths and many lives. He created the humans and he gave all good, gifts, knowledge, intellect, and wisdom to them. He also created dragons, whose job was to protect people and world peace. The humans loved Innos and there was great peace and tranquility for fifteen years after his creation. Beliar, on the other hand, became increasingly angry. He was given that strength when people prayed to him at night, but in the evening everyone slept. He also created man, but he became like the others. Beliar killed the man in rage and shouted angrily "If they will not worship me, then at least they shall fear me." Beliar created death and thus the eternal lives of humans and other beings ceased. However, Beliar was very envious of his brother and decided to destroy and ruin everything that Innos created. He corrupted the dragons and they began to wreak havoc. Few dragons managed to escape. Beliar also infected lots of people. They turned into ugly, aggressive, raging creatures. They became the orcs. Beliar's wrath created massive destruction and chaos. Innos watched the rampage in tears and didn't want to believe his brother did this against him and against all life. But he accepted that Beliar should be stopped. The two gods went into a huge battle against each other, the world created by Innos was almost completely destroyed. Then Adanos intervened, releasing a flood of water into the world and almost everyone perished. He drove both brother out of the world, but Adanos felt how envious and evil Beliar was and that he would do the same with Innos. That is why he helped Innos and together they drove Beliar into another world, the portal was closed completely and only damned evil spirits and souls could get there. Innos voluntarily left the world that he created, but locked some of his power in an amulet called Innos Eye. Life began to multiply on earth again and there was peace again for a time. However, some of the orcs wanted all of Beliar's return and victory.

In the first orc war, the orcs were severely defeated. Although the orcs were physically much stronger than the average man, they were defeated by the magic of paladins and well-trained soldiers from Myrtana. However, the orcs learned from their mistakes. In the second orc war, most of the armies were made up of organized, muscular warriors with light or layered armor. Warlords and leaders could only wear heavy armor. They also made new weapons and completely changed their fighting style. These warriors were much more reckless and stronger than the orcs of the First War, but the armor did not provide adequate protection against magic either. Then the king of Myrtana II. Rhobar alone could not defeat the orcs because of their great strength and there were plenty. The king needed ore to continue the war so every prisoner, whatever his crime, went to the Valley of Mines in the island of Khorinis. He also sent his most powerful mages to create a magical barrier around the valley so that no one could escape.


Sixty-three years after the last massive battle, an orc clan in the Valley of Mine managed to contact Beliar with their shamans and magic in the island of Khorinis. The five shamans of the clan successfully summon one of Beliar's strongest monster, The Sleeper, because they hoped that this is why the dark god would give them eternal life. Beliar gave it to them, but not quite the way the five shamans wanted it. He transformed them into undead and ordered them and his followers to serve the Sleeper. The creature was created by Beliar in his own image. The orcs are terrified and fearing that the Sleeper may be angry and they closed the temple. From here, the Sleeper beginning his 500 years sleeping. His power upset the balance of magic and the barrier created by the mages became much larger. Then the prisoners took power, killing the king's men.The king had no choice. He needed the ore, so he offered a agreement. The prisoner leader Gomez accepted. The prisoners could get anything, in return the prisoners sent ore to the king every month. Some of the prisoners formed a sect and became followers of the Sleeper.

But a nameless hero changed everything. He defeated Gomez and his followers, destroying part of the sect. He defeated the five undead orc shamans and drove the Sleeper back into the world of Beliar. The Sleeper was chased away, and the barrier was disappeared.

Gothic II

After the Sleeper disappeared, Beliar became very angry. With one last cry, the Sleeper mobilized all the armies of evil. Black mages, the undead and monsters. Even the dragons. Meanwhile, Beliar had another plan. He was looking for a chosen one. A very evil, corrupt, cruel man. He was the only surviving ore baron Raven. He led most of the survivor prisoners out of the Valley of the Mines and acted according to the will of Beliar. At the command of the dark god, he went to Jarkhendar, where in an ancient Adanos temple there was a relic of enormous power, the acquisition of which was crucial in the war of the gods. With his magic, Xardas saved the nameless hero from the temple of the Sleeper. Beliar warned Raven that the nameless hero was alive. The former ore baron sent portraits to the bandits. and offered a bounty hunter prize to the one who killed him.

In the ancient land of Jarkhendar, in the temple of Adanos, was one of the most powerful relics of the dark god, the Claw of Beliar, which caused the destruction of an ancient civilization. The purpose of the evil god was for Raven to obtain the sword, desecrate the temple of Adanos, and as his chosen one general lead the army gathered by the Sleeper. Raven found the temple, but it was closed with an ancient spell. With the power of Beliar and the help of stone tablets, Raven summoned High Priest Khardimon, who told the spell by which he could enter the temple. Raven entered the temple and found the Claw of Beliar, the most powerful weapon of the evil. He then wanted to desecrate the temple, but the nameless hero stopped him and killed him. Beliar suffered a huge defeat because he lost one of his strongest servant and one of his strongest weapon at the same time. After this, the nameless hero also killed the dragons, and even went by ship to the halls of Irdorath and killed a strong black mage and the evil leader, the Undead Dragon. It was then that Xardas appeared, absorbing some of Belial's power from the Undead Dragon. The dark god wanted him to be his chosen one, but Xardas betrayed him.

Gothic III

Two weeks after the defeat of the Undead Dragon, armies of orcs attacked Myrtana. The siege of Faring and Gotha was the most decisive battles. The two paladin fortifications could not be taken by the orcs without magic. It was then that Xardas appeared, who broke the power of rune magic and paladins on the side of the orcs. After the emergence of Xardas, the orcs won a series of victories and wreaked brutal havoc in Myrtana in the name of Beliar. What they saw were set on fire and destroyed, and whoever they saw was killed. They took from people everything they could see and treated them entirely as their own. Many people joined to orcs as mercenaries, and many became slaves. The orcs won the war, occupying almost all of Myrtana and much of Nordmar. According to Xardas the war and the power relations of opponents also symbolized the power of the gods. Innos was very weak and Beliar was stronger than ever. Even so, some of the power Xardas absorbed, Beliar's power extremely increased in the world. Most of the beasts and creatures in nature were completely hostile to everything and everyone, orc troops and altars of the dark god were everywhere. In Varant, a huge altar was built in his honor in the palace of Bakaresh. Among the servants of the orcs, a man appeared who was able to fight well and won his freedom, going by the name of Zuben. Gaining his freedom, he wandered south where he found a special relic, being The Staff of the Eternal Wanderer. Beliar then spoke to Zuben because he saw his strength and talent, so he wished him his chosen one. The bounty hunters and loyal followers of the evil god, the black magicians captured the great desert of Varant, and the lord of the desert was Zuben, the earthly governor of Beliar.

The nameless hero arrived in Myrtana with his friends and liberated Ardea.  He learns from the village leader Hamlar that Xardas is on the side of the orcs and helped them win the war. When he found him Xardas explains to the hero that this whole war is just a rivalry between the Gods and makes no sense, because whichever victory another war will break out. The gods had two chosen one. Rhobar who owns the power of Innos and Zuben who owns the power of Beliar. Xardas believes that if the relics are destroyed and the two chosen ones are killed then the power of the gods will be dissipated or weakened so that the war will not continue. Furthermore, with two relics, with the Staff of the Eternal Wanderer and the Scepter of Varant, they can open a passage which will take him and the nameless hero to another, unknown world.

Adanos (Canon) ending

The hero helps Xardas, destroys Adanos' artifacts, kills Zuben and Rhobar, and then obtains the staff and the scepter. Xardas believed this was the end of the war of the gods and with the nameless hero, they went to the unknown world. This weakens the influence of Innos and Beliar in the world.

Innos ending

The nameless hero offers the ancient relics to Innos. Beliar's chosen one remains Zuben, however, the orcs and the hashissins are at war with each other. Innos orders the nameless hero to kill Zuben and free Myrtana from the rule of the orcs. The hero frees the occupied cities, kills Kahn, the supreme leader of the orcs and the other orc leaders, also frees Varant, and kills the evil leader Zuben. Beliar's power weakens once and for all, and Innos' power shines again in his old light.

Beliar ending

The nameless hero offers the ancient relics to the dark god. Then Beliar decides to make the nameless hero the new ruler of the world and he will represent the power of the evil god. In Beliar's eyes, the orcs are traitors who no longer follow his will, so he orders the hero to kill all their leaders. He also orders him to kill II. King Rhobar, who represents the power of Innos, Zuben who will be a rival to the hero and ruled for too long and his old friend Xardas to regain the power that given to the undead dragon. Beliar’s rage caught up with everyone in Myrtana and the nameless hero fulfilled his will. He killed Zuben and every hashishin who was in Ishtar. He then traveled to Nordmar, where he handed a teleport stone to his friend Lee, which led to Vengard. Since Lee had personal revenge on the king, he was happy to help the namelss hero. The two former prisoner defeated Vengard's garrison and fought II. Rhobar. The king was a strong opponent even with two quite experienced warriors fighting him, but in the end the old king was killed. Innos' power was broken and the rebellion collapsed. The nameless hero then toured Myrtana and killed the greatest orc leaders; Uruk, Varek, Umbrak, Vakh, Shaman Grok and the orc supreme leader Kahn. Eventually he also went to Xardas, who took note of the hero’s decision and they fought. Xardas was a very strong opponent, but he also fell. The hero, as the new king of the world, then returned to Beliar, who would be pleased with his new and now strongest follower.

Forsaken Gods

Two years later after the great war in Myrtana, Thorus became the leader of the Orcs alongside Kan. He secretly began looking for dark wizards with whose help he could take full power over Myrtana. Gorn, who became the leader of the rebels and the lord of Gotha, wanted to deal a preemptive blow to him and another war broke out. Lee who became lord of Vengard wanted to stay out of the war. Likewise, Inog the ruler of Geldern and Anog. Lord of Silden got tired of the wars and wanted. However, the nameless hero had had enough and believed that peace could only be brought by force. Xardas, on the other hand, was in Lee's view that the war would end sometime. Then they fought, Xardas lost, and the nameless hero returned to Myrtana. He wanted to unite Myrtana and sided with his old friend Gorn. Thorus' black mages began to create unknown, hitherto unseen beings. These were the troglodites. In addition, they wanted to summon a demon of unprecedented strength from the power of Beliar. horus kidnapped Milten and got the eye of Innos from him.  According to his plans, the summoner corrupt the magic artifact and then summons the monster with the relic and his own power. The nameless hero freed Milten and his companions hurried straight to the ritual. However, neither the summoner nor Milten knew where the monster would come from. The hero killed the summoner and his magicians and found a map found a map with locations marked, where the summoners create the troglodytes. The Ancient Beast appeared in the cave of the abandoned rebel camp of Red Dock. The nameless hero ordered all his companions to go to Vengard and protect the capital, and he would kill the monsters. He searched the places marked on the map and killed all the troglodites, then defeated the Ancient Beast after a hard fight in Red Dock. Thorus fled and the nameless hero became king of Myrtana, King Rhobar the Third. He then defeated Thorus's orc and mercenary armies, captured Trelis, and united Myrtana. The fall of Thorus and the Summoner, and the death of the Ancient Beast and the troglodytes permanently weakened Beliar's influence in the world.

Arcania: Gothic 4 (Arcania is not real gothic)

After the defeat of Thorus and the destruction of the Ancient Beast, Beliar's influence in Myrtana was completely weakened. The nameless hero became the king of Myrtana as Rhobar III and began campaigns. His goal was to create a united kingdom once and for all and to stop unnecessary wars. He occupied Varant and Nordmart. The next destination was the island of Argaan. On the island of Argaan, people believed in the gods differently. Beliar was seen by some people as the god of freedom by plunging Innos ’world into chaos. Sects were formed in various parts of the island, who secretly made sacrifices to Beliar.


Beliar was an exploitative, very wrathful, evil god. He only took certain of his followers seriously, to whom had really great power from him. He saw Everyone else entirely as a tool, a pawn, who or what he could replace at any time. Although his followers were extremely loyal to him and deeply respected and feared for his power, Beliar gave very few followers really great power.

Beliar was extremely hated Innos for being envious of his successes and how much he loved and followed. He wanted to destroy everything Innos had created or had to do with his brother. He corrupted lot of creature, animal and human, but almost none of them were important to him, he only interested in causing as much pain and destruction to Innos as possible. Beliar was very envious and angry against everyone, who was a very strong but not served him.

Powers and Abilities

Beliar was an extraordinary powerful dark god, the creator and strongest leader of Evil, whom his brother Innos could only defeat with the help of Adanos. Even from his exiled dimension, Beliar was able to give and show tremendous power to his followers.

Creating Magical Artifacts

Beliar is able to create powerful, evil artifacts with his own power. The best known of these:

  • Amulet of Darkness: This amulet turns the user into a demon. The strength of the demon also depends on the strength of the user.
  • The Claw of Beliar: One of the deadliest swords in the world of Gothic. Not only is it extremely sharp and powerful, but its user is able to summon a brutal lightning strike against his opponent with the power of Beliar while attacking with the sword.


Beliar is able to create very strong, large-scale demons who were among his strongest followers. Almost all of them were able to fly, but some of them were muscular, strong warriors who fought with demonic swords.


Beliar is very strong in creating lightning-based attacks. His followers were able to create small lightning strikes, but his stronger followers could also call on his power for help, and with that they were able to summon huge, devastating lightning strikes, which they could kill several opponents at once.


Beliar is able to use necromancy and to pass this power on his followers, however, he was able to use it most strongly. He and almost all his followers with magic were able to create skeletons, zombies, mummies. He and his stronger followers, on the other hand, were able to create more undead creature and they were also able to create undead knights, undead priests. However, only Beliar can create undead orc, dragon, skeleton mage.


Beliar created the world with his power the diseases and he was able to manipulate them. He has given certain creatures an ability (such as the ripper beasts or the troll) to infect with diseases their opponent with their bites or attacks. Some of his followers were able to magically curse others with disease.


This ability of Beliar' is also quite strong. He was able to keep others in complete terror or manipulate their fears. This ability could be learned with magic. The stronger the mage, the more or stronger a creature's fear could be manipulated.


Beliar is able to possess, curse humans, animals, and even strong creatures like dragons. Beliar created stupidity and was able to completely take the minds of humans or animals and make them stupid or amnesic. The hashissins knew this about him and were afraid of him not to make them stupid too. With this ability, he created real killing machines from many animals and humans (and even orcs) whose only purpose was destruction and killing.


Beliar is able to poison others with his power. He gave certain creatures (such as bloodflies or swamp lurkers) this ability to be able to poison other creatures with their attacks. He gave each creature a different potency of poisoning. His magicians were also able to poison with their magic.


Beliar, as the God of Darkness, is able to create dark fog, clouds, but even complete darkness, and manipulate them all. His followers were able to do the same, but the magnitude of the fog and darkness depended on the power of the mage.