Bella Donna Boudreaux

Bella Donna Boudreaux simply known as Bella Donna is Gambit's first love and former wife and enemy. Heiress to the highest rank in the Assassins' Guild and the current leader of the Unified Guild of New Orleans. She is a ruthless mercenary, but still harbors a soft spot for Gambit.


Bella Donna Boudreaux became friends with Remy LeBeau but unknown to them they were children of rival gangs as Remy was a part of the Thieves' Guild while Bella Donna belonged to the Assassins' Guild. Remy and Bella Donna loved each other since childhood. Remy's father Jean-Luc LeBeau leader of the Thieves arranged their marriage with the head of the Assassins Guild, Bella Donna's grandfather, to forge peace between the two parties. But her brother, Julien, objected to the marriage and challenged Remy to a duel where he managed to wound Julien but was forced to leave New Orleans to prevent a guild war and abandoned Bella Donna refusing to let her share his punishment.

After Remy left her, Bella Donna allied herself with the immortal mutant Candra, who endowed her with various powers, including the ability to discharge bolts of energy. No longer sane after nearly dying, Bella Donna succeeded her late father Marius as head of the Assassins' Guild and became Gambit's enemy.

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