Belladonna is a lioness appearing in the Kimba the White Lion episode "The Hunting Ground". She pretends to be Kimba's aunt in order to bring him right into a trap.

She was voiced by Sonia Owens.


The huntress Tonga, determined to capture Kimba, sends her lioness Belladonna to seek out the white lion cub. She tells Kimba that she is his mother's surviving sister and that she has "survived for so long in a cave" and allegedly has a gift for a "precious remembrance" of his mother. When Kimba is initially hesitant, Belladonna appeals to Kimba's desire to find a lost turtle friend. Naturally, Kimba's friends sense something wrong about Belladonna.

Belladonna leads him into a field where he steps atop a cover for a spike trap and hangs precariously over the edge. She immediately reveals her deception and tries to knock Kimba off, only for her to slide over the edge and hang. Kimba saves her in exchange for telling the truth about her situation. However, Belladonna tricks Kimba into peering over the trap and kicks him into the pit, landing atop a patch of bare land among the spikes.

Kimba comes to at a cages while she sees Tonga whipping Belladonna. The lioness cruelly taunts Kimba about the supposed fate of the animals as Tonga and her hunters set out to capture them. She notes that she sides with the humans simply due to not wanting to be victimized by their captors. Belladonna unwittingly kicks in a rock that allows Kimba's turtle friend to escape, which enrages her. She comes back to taunt him again, only to have her tail caught and torturing her via tickling it.

Belladonna allows Kimba to escape but attacks him once more, leading to another vicious fight until Kimba locks her away. Tonga's effort is cut back when Kimba orders her group's return to the base. She begs Kimba to release her and retreats with them to the jungle. Once again, she plots to take him out and tries to alert Tonga's group. Mistaking her actions for attempting to murder her, Belladonna is thrown down a cliff edge and falls to the ground. She asks for Kimba's forgiveness and succumbs to her injuries after he heads out to stop Tonga.

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