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Belladonna is a major villainess in the video game Trials of Mana. She is an extremely powerful Demon Lady from the Underworld of Mavolia (the Mana counterpart of Hell), the right-hand woman of his Dark Majesty and the archenemy of the ninja thief Hawkeye and the amazon princess Riesz, two of the six playable characters.

Another character named Isabella, very similar albeit far less evil, appears in the game Sword of Mana.


Belladonna is a demonic being who can turn into a cat monster, most likely her true form. Her exact nature remains unknown.

Whether she is a demonic beast who can pose as a human, was once human and sold her soul to gain demonic power, or is a witch who can assume a beastly aspect is never explained, but the former is hinted by her claw-like nails and cat-like eyes under her human shape, and the jewels she retains as a beast in the remake.

She is the only truly evil of the second-to-last bosses, the others being corrupted. Yet, her unrequited love for his Dark Majesty does make her somehow sympathetic. When he is not around, she shows a softer side and returns hostages unharmed. She also get along fine with Malocchio. Though nothing matters more to her than her liege.

While suave, regal, cruel, ruthless, taunting and revelling in the suffering she dishes out, she is genuinely courteous, has some grudging respect for foes, and dearly loves her liege, striving to "open his shuttered closed heart a little".

She has incredible powers, displaying flight, teleporting, shape-shifting and mind control; in addition to great mastery of magic and a wide array of spells, mostly Moon-based. But contrary to the other two seconds-in-command she favours physical fighting and status-altering magic over attack spells.

Under her true form, she displays tremendous speed, spryness, agility, and strength, performing impressive acrobatics. (In addition to powerful energy blasts in the remake.) She can also turn into a small cat when using magic.

Original artwork of "Isabella".

She has enormous influence in Mavolia, commands demons and monsters and has access to legendary relics. Helped by the Vampire Lord Malocchio, she took possession of the Dark Castle, ready to bring back her liege.

Prior to the Game

Posing as the human witch Isabella, Belladonna saved the life of Flamekhan, the lord of the local Thieves' Guild when he was stranded in the Nevarl Desert (probably due to her machinations). Flamekhan's ninja thieves used to steal from the undeserving rich to give to the poor, in a Robin Hood-like fashion.

Alas, she brainwashed him and used his military might for her own purpose. She made him hoard the stolen goods to build a kingdom of his own, before using the Guild's forces to attack the Wind Kingdom of Laurent.

One night, Flamekhan's son Eagle and foster son Hawkeye eavesdropped on "Isabella" and Malocchio, learning their duplicity. They tried to arrest her, but she compelled Eagle to kill his best friend. Hawkeye only knocked him out, but Belladonna finished him off with a Fireball spell (a dark surge in the remake).

Belladonna's artwork in the remake.

She framed Hawkeye and threw him in jail, scheduling his execution. Worse, she forced Jessica, Eagle's sister and Hawkeye's love interest, to wear a cursed necklace called the Choker of Death, which would strangle her to death if he were to tell anyone or if "Isabella" were to die. Niccolo, Hawkeye's cat-man friend broke him out of jail and helped him flee Nevarl, and he vowed to avenge Eagle and save his guild from "Isabella".

Belladonna brainwashed the twin ninjas Bill and Ben, sending them infiltrate the royal castle of Laurent. They "befriended" the child prince Elliot and tricked him into disabling the magic winds protecting the kingdom, spreading sleeping spores over the castle to neutralize the Amazon Guard and invade it.

There, she killed King Joster and had the ninjas slaughter the guards and kidnap Elliot before setting fire to the castle. Malocchio later brings Elliot to the Dark Castle, to serve as his Dark Majesty's new vessel. Distraught, Riesz (Lise) the Amazon Princess of Laurent sets out to save her brother.

Trials of Mana

"Isabella" in the original game.

Belladonna drops her alias, kills all the ninjas she cannot and brainwash with her monsters, and sets out to unseal the Mana Stones in order to free the Benevodons. However, the other Great Evils of the world of Fa'Diel (the Dragon Lord and the Masked Mage) also share this goal.

The heroes face her in the throne room after retakin Laurent, but she just teleports away, reminding Hawkeye what he risks if he is among them. She later frees Jessica from the Choker to sacrifice her to the Mana Stone of Fire, threatening to drop her in a volcano when the heroes enter the fray, but Niccolo saves her. As such, she sacrifices Bill and Ben instead.

The heroes frees the city-port of Palo from the Nevarl ninjas, and gain access to the Mana Sanctuary where the Mana Tree, earthly avatar of the Mana Goddess is located. At the same time, one of the Great Evil's faction destroys the other two.

If his Dark Majesty is not the final boss, his remains are destroyed, forever barring him from the Earthly Plane. Driven to despair, Belladonna kills Malocchio and releases Elliot, before telling the heroes what happened and killing herself out of despair. If his Dark Majesty is the primary villain, Belladonna and Malocchio bring him back from Mavolia and he destroys his rivals' lairs.

"Isabella" in the remake.

Belladonna goes to the Mana Sanctuary, where the heroes just got the legendary Sword of Mana. She abducts their Faerie guide and demands the Sword for her freedom. The heroes can only comply and Malocchio frees the Benevodons, but gets harmed by the Sword's Holy Power. Belladonna heals her accomplice and bends the Sword to her will. They then teleport away and unleash their armies of monsters all over Fa'Diel.

The heroes destroy the Benevodons before they can gather. Later, they enter the Dark Cave and kill Malocchio, before storming the Dark Castle and reaching Belladonna, who fights under her true cat-like form but ends up defeated.

Before dying, Belladonna tells the heroes of his Dark Majesty's past and her desire to open his heart, revealing her love for him, though he callously dismisses her death as an afterthought.

Boss Battle

Beast Belladonna

The battle against Belladonna is considerably long and difficult. She is at level 51, even higher than the final bosses, and has 40878 life-points, far surpassing her fellow right-hands. She is very powerful, fast, agile and dangerous, so the highest caution is advised.

She fights with claw swipes and jumping blows, and can strike all heroes at once with her deadliest attack Rose Slash, but she also uses the very powerful divine summon Hexas and Moon spells. Lunatic and Half Eclipse reduce the heroes' maximum life points, Change Form shrinks them and must be cured, Energy Ball boosts her attack and Moon Sabre heals her when she lands a physical blow. Fortunately, she seldom uses Hexas and Moon Sabre.

The Hexas summon.

She is weak to Water/Ice, so every corresponding attack must be unleashed and weapons must be infused with it. The heroes must beware, for she violently counterattacks high-levelled techniques. They must decrease all her stats and increase their own with all the spells and items they have.

The heroes must be very careful and never remain close more than necessary. When she transforms to a kitten, she must be harassed without end as she mostly uses magic under this form. If she were to cast Moon Sabre, it must be dispelled at any cost.

Belladonna's true form in the remake.

Belladonna is at level 64 in the remake, but her attacks can now be dodged and are telegraphed by red zones in their area of effect. She is as fast and swift as ever, she uses jumps, kicks, dives, ground pounds, energy-infused claw swipes, and waves of purple energy.

Rose Slash sends two devastating energy surges along the ground and she spams it at low health. She uses Headbutt, a zig-zagging supersonic charge, and the powerful Shockwave. She can boost herself, she gathers energy instead of turning to a kitten to summon Hexas or cast Moon Magic, and must be attacked without stop; If so, she gets knocked out and vulnerable, if not her attacks are deadly.

Rise of Mana

Belladonna, the Crimson Wizard and Goremand make cameo appearances in the mobile phone game Rise of Mana. They serve both as bosses and allies assisting the heroes, even against themselves. They can be faced individually or all together.

Goremand, Belladonna and the Crimson Wizard in Rise of Mana.

This game features two protagonists from warring species of the Spirit Realm, the divine Rasta and demonic Daruka, who are sent to the physical planes sharing a body and forced to cooperate. In the end, everything is revealed as a successful plot of the Mana Goddess to bring peace between the two species.

Belladonna is fought as "Isabella", flanked by two powerful ninja monsters. She floats over the ground, hurls cat-shaped purple energy blasts, sends small green and orange clouds in different directions, and causes a rain of blue and green energy balls. The ninjas wield huge swords, jump to strike and hurl bouncing fireballs. She is very powerful and very resilient, so the heroes must harass her as much as can be while minding her servants.

When fighting with the other two, they form a hugely dangerous team unleashing long-range and close-range combos. The player must be very careful and dodge and counterattack rather than rushing blindly.

Sword of Mana


Another Isabella near identical to Belladonna appears in this remake of the first game Final Fantasy Adventure. While there are chronological ties between Dawn of Mana, Children of Mana, Heroes of Mana and Trials of Mana, the other games take place in distinct continuities, making her a counterpart.

This Isabella bears no ill-will towards mankind and is cordial towards the heroes. (Demons are neutral in this game.) She seems to have known the Demon Queen Medusa (benevolent counterpart of Anise) and her human lover Lord Granz. She is an old friend of the Vampire Lord Count Lee (a possible nod to Belladonna’s relationship with Malocchio), but dislikes the fact that he settled in Fa'Diel.

Isabella meets the heroes in an inn, and later in Count Lee’s palace of Vinquette Hall. Count Lee attempts to put the heroin Elena in suspended animation, which Isabella disaproves of, advising the hero Duke to get the Moon Mirror that show the true form of things and people. Yet, Lee was only trying to protect members of the Mana Clan from evil, as he swore to Lord Granz.

She later falls in love with the Dark Lord and becomes one of his major vassals. (Contrary to Belladonna's unrequited love, here the Dark Lord reciprocates her feelings.) She steals the Mana Pendant from the main heroin Elena. Upon meeting the heroes again, she threatens to attack them if they enter the Dark Lord's castle, but she is never fought, and despite her objections she obeys the Dark Lord's order to let him face the heroes alone.

Isabella attacks Goremand.

After the Dark Lord is killed in battle by the reluctant heroes, his soul is devourer by Goremand’s counterpart who steals the Mana pendant. Enraged and grieving, Isabella reverts to her cat-like true form and attacks him in fury, but he manages to escape... albeit not forever.

In the end, Isabella and Count Lee send power to help the heroes fight Julius.

Circle of Mana

Both Belladonna and her Sword of Mana counterpart Isabella are playable in this card-based role-playing game, under their human disguise and their cat-like true forms. Each character is played as cards to save the Mana Tree from monsters, and can gain power, equipment and Class Changes. Several cards featuring her are available, each evolving following a distinct path.

Lord of Vermilion III

Belladonna, the Crimson Wizard and Goremand make cameos in the crossover arcade strategy game featuring collectible cards and battles in open space while controlling units, consisting in characters from many Square Enix games. They serve as powerful units who fight with their spells from the game.



  • Belladonna is named after a beautiful but dangerous poisonous plant, referring to the beauty of her human aspect which she uses to hide her deadly nature and intentions.
  • For many years, she was known as Bigieu in the unofficial fan-translation, a possible misspelling of "Biju" (Japanese for "beautiful beast", referencing her true form) or "bijou" (French for "jewel").
  • She is likely based on the Nekomata, a demon from Japanese folklore that is formed when a cat grows too old and powerful (or has too long a tail), resulting in it devouring its mistress and becoming a malevolent schemer and predator towards humans.


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