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Bellina is a playable character in Dragalia Lost. She was initially a member of the Syndicate, but later sided with Aldred.

She is voiced by Mariya Ise in Japanese and Aria DeMaris in English.


Bellina is a woman with dark skin, long white hair, orange eyes, and an orange right hand. She wears a sleeveless black dress, a brown belt, and detached sleeves.


Bellina does not take kindly to being called Ij-9.

Powers and Abilities

She gained her powers as a result of the Syndicate's experimentation that fused dragon mana into her body without the need to turn into a dragon.


Originally, Bellina was a test subject of the Syndicate's Ij series, having challenged and beaten one of her friends. She was introduced setting fire to the church when Aldred and Andromeda came to it in order to investigate a rumor regarding a massive experiment.

In the middle of a fight, she begins to witness side effects of the experiment. Shortly after, the church begins to collapse, prompting Aldred and Andromeda to flee, without Bellina at the latter's insistence, but she clarifies that it wasn't out of kindness for them, she wants to fight them the next time they meet, something Aldred agrees to.

After their encounter, she meets up with Bauer, her superior, where she explains she let him go, he then reminds her that any actions that result in opposition to the Syndicate will not be tolerated and she must uphold her end of the bargain. At that time she learns of an experiment to create a modified fiend, codenamed Ij-458, and it will be like her younger sibling in a way. After hearing plans to use the creature on Aldred, she runs off.

When Bauer unleashes the fiend on Aldred and Andromeda, she dispatches it with a ball of dark mana and feigns losing control of her arm, but Bauer wasn't convinced and sends his cronies after her. When Aldred comes to her side, she triggers a smokescreen so all three can escape.

When she raids Bauer's quarters, she is confronted by him and his cronies when they unleash the uncontrollable Ij-459, another modified fiend, which kills off several of said cronies. She also finds out he intended to get rid of her. She also learned he was willing to kill his own men and that she was just a puppet. It also turns out Ij-459 can regenerate wounds.

With the combined efforts of her and Aldred, who arrived, they were able dispatch Ij-459 and another bunch of modified fiends.

After escaping, she was considering fighting him, but he talked her out of it as she was no longer part of the Syndicate and fighting each other is pointless. Shortly after, this Andromeda informed them of Bauer and a group of his cronies heading north. This leads to Aldred pursuing the group while Bellina heads off to the Halidom.





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