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The story of Bellroc from DreamWorks's Tales of Arcadia franchise.


Nari: Since the beginning, the Order has sought to protect the balance of magic and mortal, no matter the cost, but our actions only brought pain.
Merlin: I've spent a millennium keeping their horrors at bay, but it wasn't enough.
~ Nari and Merlin about the beginning of the Arcane Order.

Bellroc in the past, terrorizing Camelot.

Bellroc was a demigod who, alongside Skrael and Nari, created the entire universe while using the Titans and watched over the magics ever since the beginning of time and space, forming the Arcane Order. The three of them originally created the Earth to be a paradise for all living beings and sought to protect the balance between mankind and magic, but they saw mankind destroy the balance, so they devoted themselves to protecting said balance. However, through their actions (such as terrorizing the kingdom of Camelot), instead of protecting the balance, they only brought pain, destruction, and misery, which they didn't acknowledge. Because of this, the ancient wizard Merlin kept them at bay for a millennium, but it was not enough to stop them.

The Genesis Seals, which the Arcane Order now plot to use to unleash the Titans to destroy the universe and remake the Earth.

Because Morgana failed her, Bellroc changed her ambitions to finding the Genesis Seals so that the Titans can rise from their slumber, and then connect to the last living Heartstone beneath Arcadia; afterward, raw, uncontrollable magic would rise upon the Earth and wipe it out of existence like a flood, as well as destroy the whole universe and everything in it, and the Arcane Order would recreate the Earth in their own image as the only thing left from the universe.

To do so, they needed to unlock the Seals alongside Nari, hence why Nari was renounced from the Arcane Order. Bellroc and Skrael also brought King Arthur back from death and turned him into the Green Knight as another pawn. Upon resurrection, he became convinced that he had too many sins to count and that the Arcane Order's plan to wipe out the universe and remake the world to "redeem" it was his only chance of redemption.


Although Bellroc never appears in the series, her corruption of Morgana has indirectly caused her to desire to bring about the Eternal Night so she can rule the world and free trollkind at last, and Gunmar freed Morgana so she could cause the Eternal Night. She even reveals that she was using Gunmar as a pawn to get what she wants, though she was also using Angor Rot as a pawn while Bellroc was using her as a pawn.


Bellroc's corruption of Morgana and her bringing of the Eternal Night upon the world have also indirectly helped General Morando retrieve Gaylen's Core for himself, as Colonel Kubritz showed him a video of the Eternal Night, and when Aja, Krel, Varvatos, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! fled through a portal to Trollmarket using a Horngazel, Morando deduced that he and his OMENs can enter Trollmarket from above, eventually merging himself with Gaylen's Core so he can remake the universe as he plotted. However, he is destroyed by Aja and Krel after King Fialkov and Queen Coranda sacrifice their lives by placing their own life cores inside of Seklos's Cannon.


Bellroc and Skrael attacking Camelot again, this time during the 21st century.

Bellroc makes her first appearance when the Arcane Order attacks the flying kingdom of Camelot in their search for Nari and the Genesis Seals. After Merlin discovers that the Arcane Order found him and his allies, Skrael fires his magic at Merlin's, causing the latter to lose the Staff of Avalon, so Archie catches it for him even though Bellroc tries to blast his or her magic at him. Then, the Arcane Order's flying castle shoots cannonballs at Merlin and his allies, so Merlin has his men shoot their cannonballs at the Arcane Order.

When the Arcane Order become unbearable, Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan tries to steer Camelot away from the Arcane Order's ship, but it instead collides with it, allowing Skrael to shoot ice spikes at Camelot so the Arcane Order can board them while Merlin tries to use his sword to break them. Skrael tells Merlin to surrender, who refuses, and Sir Galahad sacrifices himself to break Camelot free of the Arcane Order. Nari then thrusts her magic at the Heart of Avalon, causing it to open a time rift to Camelot during the 12th century, but the Green Knight appears, and he, Bellroc, and Skrael combine their magic to tilt Camelot, causing Douxie, Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez, and Steve Palchuk to fall into the time rift even though Archie tries to reach them while carrying the Staff of Avalon. Next, Bellroc, Skrael, and the Green Knight fire their magic at the Heart of Avalon, damaging it and causing the time rift to close. Archie gives the Staff to Merlin, who fires it at the Arcane Order's ship, causing them to flee, for now.

During the 12th century, it is revealed that after Morgana's hand was cut off by King Arthur during a battle just outside of Camelot and she fell to her death, Angor Rot took her dead body to shore. Upon seeing Morgana's dead body, Bellroc is disgusted by it, while Skrael watches as Nari uses her magic to resurrect Morgana and create a green prosthetic to replace her left hand. When Morgana asks her why she did so, Bellroc tells her that it's because she will be the Arcane Order's champion.

After Morgana talks with Nari, Bellroc says that Nari continues to play with humans despite her warnings, and Skrael is surprised that Morgana survived the rebirth of her soul. Nari tells him that she knew Morgana could survive it, and the three members of the Arcane Order introduce themselves. Bellroc and Skrael reveal to Morgana that they are magical beings who watched over magics since the stars were young, but saw that mankind destroyed the balance as they tried to destroy her. They also tell her that they brought her back because she could make things right that mankind made wrong, and because she fights for magical beings even though she's human. After that, they dub Morgana "the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters" and create golden armor on her, and tell her that she will be the instrument of their reckoning, which she accepts. Thus, Morgana joins the Arcane Order and follows Bellroc, Skrael, and Nari.

Later on, after watching Camelot's defenses get destroyed thanks to a Changeling who Morgana sent to kill King Arthur, Skrael comments that her plans proved to be fruitful, but Bellroc is angered that Merlin and King Arthur are still alive. However, Morgana tells Bellroc to be patient because it is only the beginning of their plan before she leaves. Eventually, Bellroc watches the Battle of Killahead Bridge together with Skrael and Nari, with Skrael saying that the battle has begun and Bellroc saying that the reign of humankind will end.

During the Battle of Killahead Bridge, King Arthur is granted a blessing by Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, in which he uses Excalibur to strike golden magic against Gunmar, something Bellroc finds unacceptable. However, Skrael tells her that they shouldn't intervene because there will be consequences, but Bellroc makes the decision that they've waited long enough, so she, Skrael, and Nari enter the Battle of Killahead Bridge, with Jim and Claire terrified of their arrival. Sir Galahad tells his knights to attack the three of them after saying that they may have come to the end of days, so Bellroc blasts multiple of his knights into the air using a fire blast, with Nari physically striking many more knights and Skrael creating a blizzard to attack several other knights at once. After that, Bellroc stabs King Arthur from behind as he and Morgana are about to reconcile, and tells Morgana to show her loyalty to the Arcane Order before she leaves. Eventually, after Callista, real name Deya, enters the battle with her own troll army, Bellroc attacks her while telling her that she stains magic and is nothing in the eyes of the Arcane Order, but Deya slashes out her eyes to defend herself, causing Bellroc to bleed lava from where her eyes used to be and leave the battle, after which Deya sends Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumms into the Darklands and is hailed as "Deya the Deliverer" as a result.

Following the battle, Bellroc looks at the sea alongside Skrael and Nari, with Bellroc now wearing a blindfold where her eyes used to be. Skrael says that he, Bellroc, and Nari miscalculated and that the balance is lost. However, Nari, seeing the errors of their ways, tries to convince them that the Arcane Order was in the wrong, telling them that she felt so much pain and bloodshed and that it wasn't worth it. However, Bellroc refuses to listen and instead tells her that they will readjust and return in time.

Back in the 12th century after Douxie, Jim, Claire, and Steve return to the present and escape from Camelot, which has now crashed into the school of Arcadia Oaks-High and destroyed it, Bellroc arrives alongside Skrael with the Arcane Order's flying fortress and tells Nari to turn back to the Arcane Order and finish her purpose, and Skrael tells her that she misunderstands them. However, the Guardians of Arcadia refuse to surrender her, so Bellroc opens the gates for the Green Knight to attack them. The Green Knight manages to capture Jim after the shard that punctured him previously because the Green Knight turns him from a half-troll to being a complete troll, and Bellroc orders him to take Jim with them back to their fortress.

In the Arcane Order's fortress, the Green Knight takes the Amulet of Daylight from Jim and places it in the middle of a circle which Bellroc uses in a ritual ceremony to summon Morgana from the Shadow Realm alongside Bellroc, thus destroying the Amulet in the process. Once Morgana is released from the Shadow Realm, she tells Bellroc that her torment has ended and that it was quiet and peaceful in the Shadow Realm, but Bellroc and Skrael berate her because she never finished her purpose to fix the balance, and reveal their new plan to remake the Earth. Morgana asks them to send her back to the Shadow Realm and questions why they released her, but Skrael reveals that it was the Green Knight who convinced them to release her. When he takes off his helmet, Morgana is horrified to learn that he was King Arthur back from the dead.

After Douxie, Merlin, Steve, and Archie, who is disguised as Nari, enter the Arcane Order's fortress, Skreal asks Merlin if he's surrendering already and was hoping for a game of cat and mouse, and Bellroc tells him that he will be given a quick and painful death for surrendering before the Green Knight jumps down. Merlin and Douxie tell the Arcane Order that they want to make a truce with them: Jim being given to Douxie and Merlin, and "Nari" being given to them. However, Bellroc questions them while Skrael points out that they are giving up their only advantage. However, Skrael becomes suspicious when "Nari" sneezes even though Douxie tries to convince him and Bellroc that nothing's wrong, but "Nari" coughs up a hairball and is revealed to be Archie in disguise.

Bellroc and Skrael are furious about it, with Bellroc attempting to kill the three of them on the spot even though Merlin blocks her magic and tries to escape with Douxie and Archie, and Skrael demanding to know where the real Nari is beforehand. When Skrael sees Steve, he turns the ground beneath him into ice, causing Steve to slip and fall. While Bellroc tells Douxie and Archie that the Arcane Order can't be stopped and that they've waited for a millennium to destroy everything and not just the Earth, she notices Skrael using his magic to torture Steve on the ice, which interrupts her speech, so she tells Skrael that she finds it annoying. While Skrael apologizes to her, he continues to torture Steve anyway as Bellroc finishes her sentence before the Green Knight attacks Douxie and reveals himself to be King Arthur to both him and Merlin. Skrael then freezes Claire and Steve in ice before Bellroc says that she and Skrael propose new terms, with Skrael threatening Merlin that if he doesn't give up Nari, then Douxie will be killed. However, Merlin manages to use his magic to chain Bellroc and Skrael and tries to do so to King Arthur, but the latter pins Merlin against the window of the Arcane Order's fortress and fatally stabs him with his sword before thrusting him out of the window. Although Douxie saves Merlin from fall damage, the latter dies anyway because of the fatal blow that Arthur delivered to him.

Eventually, the Arcane Order trespasses Merlin's library. While Skrael says that it reeks of Merlin, Bellroc demands that Nari shows herself. Skrael then asks Morgana why she didn't light it up on fire, and she tells him that Merlin's magic was too powerful. With that, Bellroc demands that the Arcane Order burn down the library so that the Genesis Seals can be found and that the Guardians of Arcadia can't hide anywhere. When Morgana reflects on her past, Skrael tells her that she was naive, and she goes to Arthur to try to turn him back, only for him to refuse. After Morgana picks up a book, Skrael becomes disappointed that Merlin's library was the last of his places of power, and asks her if she knows of any others. However, Morgana claims she doesn't because Merlin hid many secrets from her and lies to him that she'll search for them in the Shadow Realm, when she really went there to search for King Arthur's soul. When Bellroc lights up part of the library on fire, Skrael reminds her that it is pointless, but Bellroc tells him that it calms her down and helps her think.

After Morgana fails to save King Arthur's soul because she realizes that he's following the Arcane Order out of his own accord and he's not brainwashed, the Arcane Order manages to follow her to Hex Tech, where Bellroc, Skrael, and King Arthur confront Blinky, Steve, Claire, Morgana, Krel Tarron, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!!, who refuse to give up Nari, so the three manage to capture all of them, minus Krel who Skrael trapped in ice. Bellroc and Skrael later confront the six they captured. When Steve asks them what they're doing to Nari, Skrael tells him that they're making sure that she won't leave them again and that he isn't patient for long. He then taunts him that the Guardians of Arcadia have lost because Merlin was killed by Arthur and he and the Arcane Order brainwashed the Trollhunter, while Bellroc demands Claire to answer where Douxie is or she'll be turned to ash. However, Douxie makes an astral projection of himself and tells Bellroc and Skrael that they can get the Genesis Seals from him at the cafe. After that, the two of them leave to get the Seals, but not before Bellroc tells Arthur to secure Nari and Skrael tells Jim to kill the Guardians of Arcadia if they give him any trouble.

When Bellroc and Skrael arrive at the cafe, Douxie presents them with the Lad of Fortune where if they find the Genesis Seals, then they win the Earth and tells them to keep their eyes on the prize as the Seals are hidden beneath one of the bowls as he shifts them around. After that, he tells them to choose which bowl the Seals are hidden in. Bellroc chooses the middle bowl. When Douxie asks her if she is absolutely positive, she impatiently tells him that she and Skrael have made their choice. When Bellroc opens the bowl, however, it traps her, as well as Skrael, inside a miniature Heart of Avalon which Douxie created from the original, which he calls, "Hisirdoux's Eternal Time Trap". Bellroc questions if he meddles with the forces of time, while Skrael tells him that he doesn't have the type of power to control it. However, Douxie uses his magical staff, which he turned into an electric guitar, to create a time loop between Bellroc and Skrael, and tricks them into entering it by tossing the Genesis Seals in there, causing the two of them to be trapped in it. However, it eventually weakens, causing them to be free. When Skrael asks Bellroc where Douxie is, she concludes that he is going after Nari, so she burns the building in a fit of rage and goes with Skrael back to the Arcane Order's fortress.

Bellroc and Skrael fighting Douxie in the Arcane Order's fortress.

As Douxie tries to get Nari to escape, Bellroc and Skrael find them both, so Douxie tells Nari and Archie to flee while he faces off Skrael and Bellroc and tricks them with an Infinite Corridor. Skrael tells him that it won't hold him nor Bellroc, and the latter threatens to kill Douxie. As Douxie tries to fight off Skrael and Bellroc, he gets exhausted and Bellroc tells him that he has lost because she and Skrael now have the Genesis Seals, but he doesn't give up, so while Bellroc and Skrael combine their magic and blast it at him, he blasts his magic at them. After a long tension, Douxie finally wins, and both members of the Arcane Order are blasted out of the Arcane Order's fortress as it is destroyed, and while he dies and comes into the afterlife with Merlin and a redeemed Morgana, he returns to the Earth. Despite this, however, Bellroc and Skrael are still alive and still at large, and they still have the Genesis Seals and are still searching for Nari, so Douxie and Archie take Nari far away from the town of Arcadia-Oaks to Metro City, and blend in as he gives money to a beggar who keeps telling everyone that the world is going to end and they are all going to die, and says to him that it won't happen on his watch. However, unbeknownst to them, Bellroc kills a seagull and finds them blending in.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Bellroc first appears when she and Skrael attack Nari and Douxie, however, Claire opens a shadow portal, leading to a duel between Bellroc and Jim, while Skrael dueled against Douxie and Claire. Bellroc then proceeds to duel Jim on top of the train, while Douxie creates magical tracks. Bellroc knocks Jim off the train, but Jim is saved when Claire opens a shadow portal. The train then crashes, then Douxie and Nari do a body switch, leading the Arcane Order to kidnap "Nari", who was in fact Douxie. Bellroc then imprisoned Nari in chains and then began the chanting to open the Genesis Seals. Bellroc realizes that "Nari" was an imposter, and undid the body switch, leading the Order to capture Nari. The defenders of Arcadia then tried to rescue Nari, but it was too late. Bellroc and Skrael began the incantation, and Nari was brainwashed by Bellroc.

The Fire Titan.

After breaking the Genesis Seals, the Titans were released and Bellroc mounted the Fire Titan and attacked China. An Akiridion airship then arrived with a giant mech being piloted by Varvatos Vex. Varvatos had the upper hand at the beginning of the battle and managed to knock Bellroc's Titan into the ocean. However, Bellroc managed to move the Fire Titan back to the surface and destroy the Mech. The group then moved to battle Skrael and free Nari from Bellroc's brainwashing. Eventually, both Skrael and Nari were killed fighting each other, allowing Bellroc to take the heartstone for herself and continue her plot to destroy the universe and remake the Earth in her element of fire.

Bellroc and Jim facing off for the last time.

The defenders of Arcadia then got back to Arcadia and fought against Bellroc again. Jim managed to use the Ninth Configuration to pull Excaliber out of the stone. Jim then gets to the top of the Titan and duels Bellroc again in an epic battle. Bellroc gained the upper hand at the start of the battle and began defeating Jim. Bellroc then advises Jim to spend time with his loved ones before the world is remade, but Jim refuses. Jim then received his New Amulet, and uses it to upgrade Excaliber, and gains the upper hand, even destroying Bellroc's staff. Bellroc then tells Jim that it is too late and stabs him with a shard of her staff and seizes the floating heartstone with her titan, but Toby, in the truck, fired the Trifurcate blaster to render Bellroc's magic useless, thus making her powerless. Jim then uses Excaliber to stab and kill Bellroc, thus ending her threat.

Even though Bellroc is finally gone, and the Fire Titan destroyed, Toby is crushed by the debris from the Heartstone, and in his final moments tells Jim that he finally became a hero. Jim then reflects back on Nari saying that he makes up the Ninth Configuration and the Khronisfere can set things right. He then realizes that it wasn't the Titans that were meant to fix everything, and that the Khronisfere wants him to reverse the deaths of those he cared about including Toby, Nomura, and Stricklander. Jim then uses the Krohnisphere to travel back in time in order to prevent the death of his loved ones and repair the destruction done by Bellroc and Skrael, setting things up so that Toby finds the Amulet of Daylight and becomes the first human Trollhunter instead. Due to this, Bellroc is still at large in that timeline, and it is assumed that she will be defeated again, this time by Toby rather than Jim, as he became the Trollhunter, and given Jim's knowledge of the future.