I am the deadly Digimon Belphemon, and you shall feel my wrath!!!
~ Belphemon

Belphemon is the one of the main antagonists of the first half of in Digimon Savers/ Digimon Data Squad , but a minor villain in Digimon World Data Squad. He started out as Professor Akihiro Kurata's "partner" who will stop at nothing to bring the Real World and the Digital World to their knees.

He was voiced by Masami Kikuchi in the Japanese version, and Kyle Hebert in the English version.


Belphemon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a demon. He one of the few digimon that actually had more than one form.

Belphemon (Sleep Mode)

In Sleep Mode, Belphemon appears as a demonic teddy bear, with long goat horns, 2 wings for ears, and chains wrapped all over his body with a clock attached at his chest. The chains help him maintain this form, but if the clock starts ringing, he will awaken and transform into Belphemon (Rage Mode).

Belphemon (Rage Mode)

In Rage Mode, Belphemon resembles a demon bear. He has 6 giant wings, has chains wrapped all over his body, ram-like horns, and markings on his chest.


Digimon Data Squad

Years ago, Belphemon was one of the Seven Great Demon Lords who unleashed destruction in the Digital World. He was defeated by unknown circumstances and was turned into a Digi-Egg, then was sealed in a treasure chest in the ruins somewhere. During his adventure in the ruins, Akihiro Kurata found Belphemon's Digi-Egg. The evil scientist took it to his laboratory and put the Digi-Egg in a testing tube in order to resurrect Belphemon. After succeeding in permanently deleting some Digimon and collecting their data to give to Belphemon in his Sleep Mode form, he started to wreck havoc in the city. After Thomas betrayed Kurata, he became so furious, that now he can't control Belphemon with a device, he transformed himself into data to merge with Belphemon in order to keep controlling him. Then Belphemon transformed into his Rage Mode form, and comes face to face with the members of DATS and their Digimon partners. MirageGaogamon begin to attack Belphemon\Kurata, but he was too strong. Keenan Digivoled Falcomon to his Mega form Ravemon, and was too quick for Belphemon\Kurata to attack. Furiously, Belphemon swallowed up Kurata's conscious and went on a rampage. Agumon's Digi-Egg suddenly hatched, and Marcus Digivoled him to ShineGreymon once again.

During the battle, Kurata's head emerged from his chest, allowing him to control Belphemon much better, and angrily wanting revenge for Marcus Daimon for foiling his plans. After being told off by Marcus, Kurata furiously ordered Belphemon to consume the city lights to make him grow, and destroyed Miki and Megumi's van and swallowed the space obslation devices, Giving Belphemon a new attack, allowing him to rip holes through the space continuum. ShineGreymon attempts to destroy Belphemon and Kurata with a powerful Glorius Burst attack, but Belphemon and Kurata were still standing. Belphemon easily defeated RookChessmon and BishopChessmon, reverting both of them back to the two PawnChessmon, and attacked Miki, Megumi, Keenan and Yoshi. During the battle, Kurata and Belphemon attempt to destroy Marcus at close range, but MirageGaogamon, Rosemon and Ravemon stopped their attack. With the combined friendship and power between Marcus and ShineGreymon, ShineGreymon Digivolved to his Burst Mode form, and he and Marcus Daimon punched Kurata's face on Belphemon's chest, defeating Belphemon for good and reverting Kurata back to his human self.

Digimon World Data Squad

Belphemon is a member of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He was the first one that DATS encountered. Belphemon was created by the Code Key Sloth and someone that was slothful. Despite being Mega Level, Belphemon was defeated by DATS.


This lazy Demon Lord Digimon wakes up once every thousand years. When Belphemon’s sleep form wakes up into Rage Mode, he is one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He always has an unpleasant awakening, and the Rage Mode is the very shape of anger. The Rage Mode name in Japanese has a double meaning; lazy and rage.


Sleep Mode

Belphemon sleep mode

Belphemon Sleep Mode

  • Eternal Nightmare
  • Lampranthus

Rage Mode

  • Lampranthus
  • Gift of Darkness
  • Dark Horn
  • Lightning Horn


Taste judgement!
~ Belphemon



  • Belphemon is based off of Belphegor, one of the Seven Princes of Hell and the embodiment of the sin of sloth. This fits in with Belphemon's habit to sleep for most of its time.
  • His Japanese Voice Actor, Masami Kikuchi who also voices Akihiro Kurata, Jō Kido from Digimon Adventure/02.
  • His English Voice Actor, Kyle Hebert who also voices Greymon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon from Digimon Fusion and Greymon & his Digivolution forms from Digimon Adventure tri..


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