A mysterious picture which appears in one of the endings of Darius II, supposedly representing the Belsar.

The Belsar (originally referred as Belser) is the main enemy from the Darius series.


Very little is known about the Belsar, such as their origins or nature, but one thing is certain: they are intent on annihilating the people of Darius and take over the universe. After salvaging the wreckage of one of the Thiima battleships, they used it's technology to create their own line of battleships.

Belsar launches it's first attack against the people of Darius in Darius Year 201 (Darius), to which Darius answered by sending a line of spacecrafts know as Silver Hawk, led by the ace pilots Proco and Tiat. The two managed to thwart Belsar's attack, but not without a cost, as Darius was considerably damaged. Proco and Tiat then led Darius inhabitants to the planets Olga, Vadis and Earth, where they established and started to recover, always with the fear of Belsar's menace.

On Darius Year 1642 (Darius Gaiden), the people from Vadis started to migrate back to Darius. However, they are suddenly attacked by the Belsar, which almost annihilates an entire line of Silver Hawks. The ones who weren't destroyed fought back the attackers and repelled them. Later on, during Darius Year 1813 (Darius II), the space HQ on Olga picked up a SOS signal coming from Earth. The descendants of those who migrated to Earth were being attacked by Belsar, so Olga sent two Silver Hawks piloted by Proco Jr. and Tiat Young to help them. Belsar is once again defeated.

On Darius Year 1904 (Darius Burst), Darius is finally restored by the people from Vadis, but their happiness is short-lived, as Belsar once again appears to destroy them. The pilot Riga Pratica and the android “TI2” are sent in the Silver Hawks to stop Belsar's attack on Darius once and for all. With the success of their operation, Darius prepares a major counteroffensive force to finish the Belsar forces once and for all.

The final battle with the Belsar begins on Darius Year 1910 (Darius Burst Another Chronicle/Chronicle Saviours). The Planet Saviours, an entire squad of Silver Hawks led by Riga, fights the Belsar forces in a bid to free various planets of their influence. The Belsar were prepared for the attack, launching their vast fleet against the Darius. The war would go on for 16 years, with both sides over-exhausting their resources, but the tide of the battle would turn when Azure Nightmare, a mysterious being existing within the hyperspace, intervenes in the conflict. Azure Nightmare attacks the Belsar and guides the Planet Saviors when Gigantic Bite, the ship commanding the Belsar forces, attempts to hack the communications network. With Gigantic Bite's destruction, the Belsar ends severely crippled and ceases the attack, with their remaining forces ending scattered throughout the known universe.

Belsar Battleships

Despite being referred to as battleships, these bosses are actually autonomous AI-controlled giant robots. All of Belsar's battleships were given codenames by the Darius inhabitants, based on their characteristics. Their true names in the Belsar Army are unknown.

From Darius

From Darius Plus

From Darius II

From Super Darius II

  • Golden Eyes
  • B-Guadian
  • Killer Higia
  • Revenge Shark
  • Deep Dragon
  • Crab Armer
  • Bald Crab
  • Yamato
  • Leadain
  • Dark Modon
  • Heat Arrow
  • Mech. Bio Strong
  • Moderato

From Darius Twin

From Darius Gaiden

From Darius Burst

From Darius Burst: Another Chronicle/Chronicle Saviours

  • Fossil series
    • King Fossil
    • Iron Fossil
    • Knight Fossil
  • Claw series
    • Force Claw
    • Solid Claw
    • Twin Claw
    • Double Claw
  • Wheel series
    • Hard Wheel
    • Mud Wheel
    • Thorn Wheel
  • Lightning series
    • Lightning Prison
    • Lightning Flamberge
    • Lightning Claw
  • Stare series
    • Brightly Stare
    • Insane Stare
    • Glassy Stare
  • Jaw series
    • Hyper Jaw
    • Disaster Jaw
    • Heavy Jaw
    • Trident Jaw
    • Assault Jaw
  • Spin series
    • Mirage Castle
    • Phantom Castle
    • Dual Spin
  • Gluttons series
    • Hungry Gluttons
    • Brute Gluttons
    • Heavy Gluttons
  • Thousand series
    • Thousand Bullets
    • Thousand Knives
    • Thousand Edge
  • Shell series
    • Ancient Barrage
    • Slash Shell
  • Whip series
    • Massive Whip
    • Blazes Whip
    • Dreadful Whip
  • Dark series
    • Dark Flare
    • Dark Flame
    • Dark Helios
  • Ruler series
    • Violent Ruler
    • Golden Ruler
    • Savage Ruler
  • G.T. series
    • Great Thing
    • G.T.V
    • G.T.B
  • Gigantic Bite



  • It is not explicitly stated what exactly is the Belsar, if a single entity, an entire race or if they are human or alien.
    • If the manual of Darius Twin is to be believed (the game was not included in the official timeline), Belsar is really a single individual who controls the entire Belsar Army, and they are indeed aliens.
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