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Bemular (べムラー Bemurā), also spelled Bemlar, appears in the 2011 manga, ULTRAMAN, and the name comes from his 1966 counterpart. With a very different design from his original incarnation, the now human-sized Bemular serves as Shinjiro's first opponent in the incident that revealed to him several secrets about himself and his father.


Bemular is rumoured to be an alien robot due to his look and resembles the first kaiju Ultraman fought. He has quantifier plating around his whole body and a grill for the mouth. It is also seen that he has a small tail at the back. He has talons on his fingers, making it useful for brutal attacks. He has a core on his chest, as well as bright blue eyes.



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  • He is voiced by Tsutomo
  • Bemular is now a sentient being capable of speech, commenting on numerous things that the father and son duo do, usually as mocking remark or a rude jest.
  • Bemular seems to know more about the Ultraman Factor than either Shin, Ide or Ed. He also constantly states that the power the Hayatas wield should not exist on Earth and that it is dangerous. Whether this is because of his obvious grudge against Ultras or something else is unknown but he also states that Shinjiro was not Shin's son. What he meant by that is currently open to debate.
  • Bemular refers to himself as the "Enemy from the Beginning", a clear reference to Bemular, but its exact context is currently unknown.
  • While sporting several new powers Bemular still keeps the original's Heat Ray, firing it from his mouth like the original. In comparison it seems to be relatively more powerful, a large beam instead of a stream of energy.
  • His secondary arms are likely a reference to the original's small forearms.
  • Bemular is a fitting first enemy in a manga filled with nods to the original series, not only is he based on the first enemy Ultraman faced on Earth but was Hayata's and his son's first battle as Ultraman.
  • Bemular's beams were originally portrayed as being red, but in the Hero Magazine's motion comic they are shown to be Blue/Blue Green. This may have to do with his Energy Sphere attack.
  • Bemular's Energy Sphere attack is possibly a reference to the original Bemular's Travel Sphere.
  • Bemular is 20,043 years old during the series.