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Don't worry, he's going to come back. I didn't hurt his brains.
~ Ben to Andrea after he murdered his brother, Billy.
Are you scared of me?
~ Ben, before Carl Grimes executes him.

Ben is a character-turned antagonist from the Walking Dead comic book series. He serves as a supporting character until 60th issue, later acts as the main antagonist/anti-villain in 61st issue.


When the apocalypse started, Ben is a four years old kid. He has a father named Allen, a mother named Donna and a twin brother named Billy. When they heard that a safe zone is being established in Atlanta, they traveled for Atlanta. However, they find out Atlanta is infested by zombies. Later, they met other Atlanta survivors and they began to live together.

In the events, Ben and Billy lost their many friends, eventually their mother and father. Later, they were adapted by Dale and Andrea.

After the events, Ben begins to act the psychopathic actions. Even though he is playing with Carl Grimes, Sophia and his brother Billy, actually, he is teasing and rough-housing with them.

One day, Billy sees Ben while he is poking the carcass of a cat. Later, Ben forces Billy to remain silent about this incident. It is been understood Ben killed the cat.

Days later, Ben stabs his brother, Billy, with a knife and murdered him. Later, he tells to Andrea about no matter how humans died, they will always come back. Later, the group locked Ben in a van and debates about killing or incapacitating him. However, Carl Grimes sneaks into the van and executes Ben. Eventually, Billy and Ben are buried together.



  • Ben's character mirrors many traits of the TV Series character Lizzie Samuels.
  • Ben is the youngest antagonist in the series.
  • Ben is the youngest murderer in the series.


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