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~ Chang's most famous quote.
Fire can't go through doors, stupid. It's not a ghost!
~ Chang to Annie after revealing his intentions to destroy any records of his criminal activities.

Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Chang, formerly known as Señor Chang, is the main antagonist of the NBC sitcom Community.

He is the study group's former Spanish teacher, later classmate, and the former head of security of Greendale. He is an insane member of Greendale's faculty, and the archenemy of the study group.

He was portrayed by Ken Jeong, who also played Leslie Chow from The Hangover series, King Argotron in Role Models, Dr. Yap in Bob's Burgers, Neil Lyman in Furry Vengeance, Mr. Greene in Norm of the North, and Sprout Cloverleaf in My Little Pony: A New Generation.


Chang's personality and role have evolved throughout the show, with only two elements staying present: His delusional ego and mental instability. He is implied to suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.


Season 1[]

Chang started off as the Spanish teacher at Greendale Community College, having faked his teaching qualifications. He was erratic and aggressive towards his students, and would give out unreasonable assignments and punishments. He would often get into arguments with Professor Ian Duncan, and at the end of the year, punched him in the face. During Modern Warfare, Chang acted as the secondary antagonist by trying to eliminate the study group to help the Dean keep anyone from winning. During this episode, he became enrolled as a student in order to officially join the paintball game.

In secret, Chang would admit to Jeff that his qualifications were false, which was recorded by Annie, who told the Dean, causing Chang to be fired. Chang thought Jeff was responsible and destroyed his car, before claiming that being fired was good for him. He later asks Professor Duncan for help, before punching him at the tranny dance.

Season 2[]

Chang returned to Greendale as a student. He desperately tried to get into the study group, but they wouldn't let him join, believing him to be insane. During the events of Epidemiology, Chang hid inside the bathroom with Shirley to escape from the zombies, where they bonded over their costumes being misunderstood and had sex. When Shirley became pregnant, Chang came to believe that he had to be the father.

After sleeping with Shirley, Chang's wife left him, so he moved into Jeff's apartment. Jeff reluctantly agreed. Later, Jeff tried to get Chang out off his apartment by telling him to be a better father, so Chang tried to pick up Shirley's kids from school, but picked up the wrong kids. After he realized his mistake, he told the police that Jeff kidnapped them. Ben was caught for the kidnapping, but was released from prison.

During Shirley's birth, Ben helped her through it, so Shirley named her son after him. During the paintball match, Ben kept trying to join every team, only to keep betraying them. He was eliminated by Dean Spreck.

Season 3[]

Chang would begin living in the Greendale air vents, alongside Troy's monkey Annie's Boobs. When the Dean could no longer afford to hire security guards, Chang offered to be a guard in exchange for living inside of the school. During Competitive Ecology, he inadvertently burns down his home in the school, in his attempt to prove himself as a noir detective.

At a Bar Mitzvah, Chang recruited a team of pre-teens to be his security team. He also found a fake Dean (played by Jean-Paul Christophe Manoux, who looks very similar to Jim Rash). After Starburns' funeral, the Study Group found out that they would have to repeat Biology and started a riot. The Dean agreed to give Chang emergency powers. Chang had his security force break up the riot using pepper spray. The Dean was planning on blaming the Riot on Chang. However, Chang kidnapped him and replaced him with the Doppeldeaner. He then had the Study Group expelled.

Chang became the dictator of Greendale. He hired a fake Psychiatrist to try and convince the Study Group that they were all crazy, but it didn't work. Instead, the Study Group planned an elaborate heist in a parody of the Ocean franchise. While Chang hosted an elaborate and expensive birthday party for himself, the Study Group broke in. Jeff, disguised as a magician, stole the key to free the Dean. However, Chang caught them and imprisoned them with the Dean and revealed his plan to burn down the the Records Room, claiming that it wouldn't burn down the school as ("Fire can’t go through doors stupid. It’s not a ghost!). Troy managed to help the study group escape with the help of Murray, and they exposed Chang and freed the Dean. Later, Chang is seen in the City College air vents, spying on Dean Spreck.

Season 4[]

Chang returned to Greendale using the name Kevin, claiming to have "Changnesia". The school agreed to let him in, hoping to get a grant for studying Changnesia. Chang was actually working with Spreck to destroy Greendale and the Study Group. He tried to get them expelled on Christmas by Sabotaging a party with their history professor. Abed informed Chang that he knew he was faking, but though Chang was an important part of the Study Group and that he could change. Chang decided to stop helping Spreck.

Season 5[]

Chang decided to stop pretending to be Kevin. After he admitted to his crimes, he was sentenced to doing probation at Greendale as a math teacher. Chang acted as a major antagonist in the game "The Floor is Lava, in which he lead a gang. Later, he joined the save Greendale committee.

Greendale was about to be sold to Subway, and Chang betrayed the Study Group to help the Greendale School Board. The board however, entrusted Chang with the money the Study Group found, and Chang rejoined the Study Group and gave the money back to the school

Season 6[]

Chang returned to the save Greendale committee. He at one point left when he became a celebrity. The study group tried to capitalize on this by using seconds of footage with Chang to make an entire movie. However, Chang got fired and was forced to return to the committee. Chang also starred as Mr. Miyagi in a stage adaptation of Karate Kid. At the end of the year, Chang said good-bye to the rest of the characters as they prepared to leave Greendale, and admitted he was gay.

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