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Ben Childress is the main antagonist in the movie The Fury.

He was portrayed by the late John Cassavetes.


Ben Childress is the boss of a secret organization inside the CIA called PSI. They kidnap the most powerful psychics in order to mold them into weapons in the service of the United States for militaristic and spying purposes. They also kill their families to ensure it. In order to find them, he also funds psychic institutes.

He wants to do this to Robin Sandza and his father Peter, who is also his friend. Peter survives the murder attempt, but Robin is kidnapped. Additionally they make him believe, that terrorists killed his father. He and his people then push and abuse Robin for their purposes, while they continue to try and kill Peter, who torn off Childress' arm with a machine gun in revenge for what Childress did.

A year later, Childress finds out about Gillian Bellaver and plans to do the same stunt with her. She flees, because she finds out in time about it and teams up with Peter in order to find Robin. Finally Childress and his henchmen push Robin too far and he becomes a danger for them. In order to stop him and get rid of him because he is no longer useful, he manipulates Peter, who was there at that moment into killing him and himself. He succeeds.

Next day he wants to do manipulate Gillian Bellaver, who saw it all, but he doesn´t know that Robin has transferred his powers he developed through the experiments done to him to her before he died and also knows everything about him through her psi-contact with Robin and through her conversations with Peter. She rejects and kills him in revenge for what he did and intended to do to her by exploding him from the inside out.