Ben Haramed
With this marvel in my show caravan, I will be as rich as Solomon.
~ Ben Haramed plotting to use Aaron in his scheme to get rich.
Stop struggling, boy. There is money to be made! We can be rich!
~ Ben Haramed kidnapping Aaron.

Ben Haramed is the main antagonist of the Christmas Special The Little Drummer Boy.

The Little Drummer Boy

Aaron, a drummer boy, is summoned by the three Wise Men to perform for the baby Jesus at his birth.

The boy has become misanthropic after his parents were murdered and his farm burned down by bandits, so he ran off into the desert with Samson, a donkey, Joshua, a camel, and Babba, a sheep. As he plays his drum with the animals, the diabolical Ben Haramed, with his henchman Ali, see the boy as a golden opportunity to get rich.

That is when Haramed puts his evil plan into action. He kidnaps Aaron to use him to perform in front of an audience with an acting troupe in Jerusalem. Aaron grows enraged by the amusement of the villagers and lashes out at them, scaring them. Ben, his goons, and Aaron retreat.

Sometime later, they come across the Three Wise Men's caravan, who are following a star. Ben Haramed unsuccessfully attempts to perform for them. And when one of the camels grows weak, Ben sells Joshua in a bid to get his gold. Ben makes it clear to Ali that he is through with the boy and they burst into evil laughter as Aaron walks away with his other friends.

Aaron's sheep is wounded, and he takes him to the Wise Men. Playing his drum to honor his family and for the baby Jesus, the Drummer Boy's faith heals his friend and good triumphs. As for Ben Haramed, he doesn't get his comeuppance, but it is obvious that his show business failed without Aaron.


  • Ben Haramed is voiced by Jose Ferrer.
  • He's arguably the most evil Rankin/Bass villain.