Ben Kehoe is the secondary character in the 1982 action-comedy film 48 Hrs., and the main antagonist in its 1990 sequel Another 48 Hrs..

During the first film, he is a policeman wihout a relevant role, colleague of the protagonist Jack Cates, whilst at the end of the second it is revealed that he is the unseen drug trafficker known as The Iceman.

He was portrayed by the late Brion James, who also played Leon Kowalski in Blade Runner


Three years before the events shown in 48 Hrs., a gang composed of Reggie Hammond, Albert Ganz, Henry Wong, Billy Bear and Luther, steals him $500.000. Reggie Hammond is the only one to have seen Iceman's face, so the boss plans to kill him after he gets out of jail.

Eight years later, detective Jack Cates, his colleague, is investigating on Iceman's identity, so Kehoe tries, with the help of another corrupt policeman, Frank Cruise, to hinder him. Cates, who risks to be fired from police, after being accused of murder (Cruise hided the gun used by a criminal who was shooting Cates), asks help to Reggie Hammond to find Iceman.

Kehoe so hires a gang called The Western Brotherhood, a member of which is Richard Ganz, Albert's brother, to kill them both.

When every member of the Brotherhood is dead, Kehoe tries as final attempt to kill Reggie Hammond himself, but Jack Cates stops him and shoots him to death.

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