And since Sarah's blood runs in the veins, I guess that makes me a warlock!
~ Ben Ravencroft revealing both his powers and the truth of his ancestory.

Ben Ravencroft is the main antagonist in the movie Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost alongside his evil ancestor Sarah Ravencroft.

He is voiced by Tim Curry.


Ben Ravencroft is a famous horror writer whose ancestor was an evil witch whose soul had been imprisoned centuries ago. He attempted to bring her back from the dead in order to become all-powerful, and to rule the world.

He ultimately failed because his ancestor Sarah prefers to punish the world simply by destruction rather then enslavement of it, and ended up getting trapped inside his own book of witchcraft along with her.


  • "I'm justly prosecuted, Sarah Ravencroft was a medicine woman who practiced natural healing, and was un-fairly accused because of her eccentric way!"
  • "The wiccans imprisoned Sarah in her own spell book, and you helped me find it!"



  • He might be a parody of (or based on) the legendary horror novel writer Stephen King.
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