Ben Wooder is a Titans officer serving as the captain of the Sudori and a minor antagonist in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


Ben Wooder served as the superior officer of Four Murasame. He pursued Kamille Bidan and Amuro Ray throughout Kamille's time on Earth.

After Four went AWOL, Wooder piloted the Psyco Gundam himself despite not being a Newtype and having little idea on how to wield it. Upon learning of Four's betrayal, Wooder shoots and seemingly kills her.

After all his mobile suits have been rendered inoperable, Wooder orders everybody off his ship and attempts to pilot it into the Audhumla. He is later killed by Amuro in the Rick Dias.


Wooder is very arrogant, believing that a soldiers duty is to follow his orders no matter what they are. He was also willing to use Four's desire to reobtain her memory in order to get her to do what he wants. Despite this, he does display a sense of honor, ordering the crew of the Sudori off the ship before he prepares to crash it. He was also willing to pilot the Psyco Gundam himself despite having no prior experience in using it.

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