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Benedict Allbright is a minor antagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2, appearing in the mission "Good, Honest Snake Oil". He is a quack doctor who sells counterfeit miracle cures.

He is voiced by Anthony Reimer.


Allbright is a "healer" who sells miracle cures to the people of New Hanover. However, these supposed miracle cures in fact contain many harmful substances that only make people sicker and often kill them. Allbright knows this but continues to sell them as he gets some kind of satisfaction out of conning people. As a result, he is wanted in the town of Valentine with a $50 bounty on his head.

Arthur Morgan hears about the bounty on Allbright's head and goes to the Valentine sheriff's office. Sheriff Curtis Malloy tells Arthur about Allbright's crimes and tips him off that he was last seen at a nearby gorge. Arthur is told to bring him in alive so that the families of his victims can be fully compensated before he is executed.

Arthur goes down to the gorge and finds Allbright next to a campfire on a small ledge over the River Dakota. Allbright, suspecting Arthur's motives, refuses to admit his true identity until Arthur baits him into revealing himself by claiming he has a sick mother and wants to buy one of Allbright's miracle cures. Allbright believes him and begins bargaining with him, handing Arthur one of his miracle cures. Arthur appears to accept the cure before throwing it in the river and holding him at gunpoint. Allbright, insisting he is innocent and can talk to spirits, accidentally falls off the ledge and Arthur has to pull him up. Depending on the player's skill, either Arthur loses his grip and drops Allbright in the river or Allbright is successfully pulled up only to jump off the ledge anyway rather than surrender.

Whatever happens, Allbright lands in the river and is caught up in the current and swept away. Arthur is forced to pursue him, using his lasso to catch Allbright and drag him out. He then hog-ties Allbright, rides back into town, deposits him in the sheriff's office and claims the bounty.


  • If the player returns to the sheriff's office afterwards they will find Allbright still there and will be cursed by him. The only exception is if the player completes Ellie Anne Swan's bounty mission, in which case Allbright will disappear.
  • Allbright's mission is the only bounty hunting mission that must be completed by Arthur and cannot be completed by John Marston.
  • If the player loots Allbright after capturing him they will get a bottle of miracle cure, which strangely is perfectly safe to consume.


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