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Ser Benfrey Frey is the 16th son of Walder Frey and the second by his sixth wife Bethany Rosby. He is married to his cousin Jyanna Frey and has a son and a daughter, Osmund and Della Frey. 

At the Red Wedding, between his full sister Roslin Frey and Lord Edmure Tully of Riverrun, Benfrey grabs Dacey Mormont by the arm but she smashes a flagon of wine in his face. His half-nephew Ser Ryman Frey then kills Dacey with an axe. Benfrey later dies from a wound inflicted at the Red Wedding.


  • Benfrey is the only one of the Rosby Freys to take part in the Red Wedding, the Rosby Freys generally being decent then their other relatives. Roslin was forced into her role and was clearly unhappy at it. Perwyn and Olyvar Frey were not present at the Red Wedding, apparently as they were too sympathetic to Robb. Their absence is part of what makes Catelyn Stark realize the wedding is a trap.