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Butterfly Ninja Benikiba is a member of the Sorcerers Clan and the secondary antagonist of World Ninja Battle Jiraiya. She is the daughter of Org Ninja Dokusai and the Clan's master of disguise. She is also the arch-enemy of Kei Yamaji/Princess Ninja Emiha.

She is portrayed by Hiromi Nohara. A new incarnation of Benikiba, portrayed by Mikie Hara, appears in Space Squad.


As the Sorcerers Clan assembled and prepared to make their move to acquire the other half of the clay board leading to the Pako, Benikiba appeared to inform Dokusai that they were all set for an attack on the Yamaji family dojo. She accompanied her father and the rest of the clan in an attack on the dojo, which led to them kidnapping Kei Yamaji.

After the Sorcerers Clan's initial scheme to hold Kei Yamaji hostage in exchange for the other half failed, Benikiba sent a trained monkey to sneak into the Yamaji household and steal the map for her. Toha Yamaji took notice and pursued the monkey to take back the half, eventually coming across Benikiba. Benikiba and Toha dueled for ownership of the clay board, but their fight was interrupted when a mysterious white ninja intervened and knocked the clay board out of Benikiba's hands, allowing Toha to take it back. Cursing that she had lost it, Benikiba left the scene along with Retsukiba.

In the final episode, she, Retsukiba and the Karasutengu were sent out by Dokusai to hold off Jiraiya and the World Ninjas while he made his grab to obtain the Pako. She battled Emiha and Manabu as Retsukiba and the Karasutengu fought the World Ninjas. After she and Retsukiba were beaten, the two fell back only to be cornered again by Kei and Manabu. Benikiba and Retsukiba both surrendered by throwing down their swords and ran off, escaping in a cloud of smoke. They were not seen again in the final episode.


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