General Benjamin Juma (simply known as Benjamin Juma) is the main antagonist of the 2008 action film 24: Redemption and one of the secondary antagonists of Day 7 of the TV Show 24. He is a former military general and the ruler of the fictional African nation Sangala.

He was portrayed by Tony Todd, who also portrayed Candyman in The Candyman and The Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


In Redemption, Juma made a military coup and did a genocide in Sangala in order to rule it, but was stopped. After the corrupt businessman Jonas Hodges became interested in using Sangala to create a bioweapon, Juma helped him by testing it by using it on a peaceful Sangalan village, killing everyone there, and in exchange Juma was granted the position as ruler of Sangala. Later, Juma brainwashes children to make them into his own soldiers to use, and finally attempts to do an attack in Sangala once again, before forcing his most trusted henchman Iké Dubaku to committ a bunch of terrorist attacks.

In Day 7, Juma returns as the main antagonist. He uses Iké to orchestrate terrorist attacks again but this time he kills Iké when he is captured, just so that he wouldn't reveal anything. Attacking the white house and preparing on assassinating the president, Juma takes multiple hostages, and then decides to murder some of them to truly show that he's serious with his goals. However, he soon realizes that the CTU have foiled his plans, and to spite them he kills the remaining hostages and finally tries killing the president himself. When Jack Bauer shoots him in the leg and requests him to give up. Juma instead grabs his gun, which forces Bauer to shoot him.


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General Benjamin Juma
Benjamin Juma
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