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DISCLAIMER: This article is about the fictionalized version of Bennett White. Only put information on the version of Bennett portrayed by the That Guy With the Glasses universe.

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Bennett the Sage is a fictional version of the real Bennett White and is the main protagonist of the show of the same name on


The fictional version of Bennett is considered by many fictional characters in the That Guy With The Glasses universe to be a very disturbing individual. This is shown when he made a cameo in a Christmas-themed episode of Ask That Guy With the Glasses as That Guy with the Glasses is shown being visibly disturbed by Bennett's answers. He also mentally and possibily physically raped That Guy With the Glasses. He is also the archenemy of JesuOtaku, whom he devotes most of his time to try to break with such reviews such as the animes Eiken and Master of Martial Hearts. However with Master of Martial Hearts, he was the one broken by the awful anime, and JesuOtaku happily leaves when she realized that she didn't care. Bennett was also believed to have been possibly the Devil himself, as this was shown in a cameo with the Nostalgia Critic in which he erased his mind, and convinced him to jump off a cliff. He too started to ponder if he really was the Devil.

Despite his disturbed nature, he has shown several times that he has standards such as when JesuOtaku reviewed Eiken.


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