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Bennie and Jet are supporting antagonists in the 2017 film Kingsman: The Golden Circle. They are killer robotic dogs created by Poppy Adams in her plot to take over the worldwide drug economy.


Created by Poppy to enforce the Golden Circle, the two robotic dogs are programmed to execute any intruders coming to Poppyland, as well as killing other underlings either for her own amusement or if they failed her. This was shown when Poppy sent Bennie and Jet to frighten Charles (one of Poppy's underlings) in a successful attempt to incite Angel (a new recruit) into killing Charles by sending him into a grinder, much to Poppy's delight. Poppy then uses Charles' meat to create a 'Poppy Burger' and forced Angel to eat it to complete his initiation.

During one of her private Elton John concerts with Charlie Hesketh, Poppy discovers that Elton John has been using her drugs with someone, as he has blue rashes. Elton is forced to reveal that it was Angel. Poppy then punishes Angel by sending Bennie and Jet to brutally kill him in front of a horrified Elton, though the dogs can't kill Elton John, as they are programmed to identify him as a "friend".

When Eggsy and Harry break into Poppyland after killing off Beauty-Bot and the remaining of Poppy's men, Harry breaks into the diner, where Poppy sends off Bennie and Jet to attack him. However, Elton comes to the rescue, allowing Harry to destroy both Bennie and Jet while Eggsy finishes off Charlie. Poppy would later join her robotic dogs in death after Eggsy and Harry inject her with a lethal dosage of heroin.


  • The dogs' names are a reference to the song "Bennie and the Jets".


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