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Hey, remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx!
~ Benny Blanco, just before killing Carlito Brigante.

Benjamin "Benny" Blanco is the final antagonist in the 1993 crime film Carlito's Way. Benny is an up and coming gangster who is determined to take over Carlito Brigante's business interests, his power, his reputation and take away his life while working in the New York City's criminal underworld.

He is portrayed by actor, stand-up comedian and producer John Leguizamo, who also portrayed Violator in Spawn, Tybalt in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, and Javier in Kick-Ass 2.  


After introducing himself to Carlito Brigante at the night-clubs. He appears to be shown as arrogant, thuggish, and not very bright. Blanco is nevertheless ruthless enough to be a minor player in New York City's criminal underworld. Carlito declines several offers for a business partnership with Blanco, dismissing him as "a punk". Carlito's lawyer, David Kleinfeld, has an affair with Blanco's girlfriend, Steffie, a waitress at the club.

Blanco's frustration with Carlito's constant rejections boils over and he confronts Carlito one night at his table. Carlito publicly humiliates Blanco, who reacts by manhandling Steffie. Fueled by his now-extensive use of alcohol and cocaine, Kleinfeld brazenly pulls out a gun and threatens to kill Blanco, but Carlito intervenes. Despite being personally threatened by Blanco, and against the advice of his bodyguard Pachanga, Carlito spares his life, ordering his men to rough Blanco up to teach him a lesson.

At the end of the movie, Carlito is trying to flee Miami with his pregnant girlfriend Gail to escape a gang of Sicilian mobsters lead by Vinny Taglialucci, whom Kleinfeld double-crossed. He kills his pursuers and makes it to the subway, which he and Gail to take to the airport, only to be gunned down by Benny who successfully gets his ultimate revenge. Pachanga, who was paid by Benny to betray Carlito revealing his true colours while Carlito is succumbing to his gunshot wounds. Blanco then kills Pachanga as well and starts running away from the murder scene just before the cops and paramedics arrive, leaving Carlito to die slow in Gail's arms, breaking down in tears.


Hey, my name is Benny Blanco from the Bronx.
~ Benny Blanco
You’re over, man. You're f-ckin' in the history books. That's where you are, man. So you might as well f-ckin’ kill me now, 'cause if I ever see you again, swear to God, I'm gonna f-cking kill you!
~ Benny Blanco confronting Carlito Brigante.
Nah, you stay here.
~ Benny Blanco's Final Lines.


  • Benny Blanco is one of the only main villains in gangster cinema who successfully got away with his actions and was never killed off in the movie. (Alongside, Mark Rivers, Keyser Söze and Alejandro Sosa)
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