Benita "Benny" Lopez is a prominent character on the sitcom George Lopez. She is George's mother, and although she doesn't have any particularly evil characteristics, she is depicted as abusive and sometimes downright mean to both George when he was a child and as an adult, as well as being a jerk to most of the other characters on the show. Much of this can be attributed to her childhood, as we learn that her own mother was very abusive of her and disowned her after she became pregnant with George at age 17, as well as her husband, Manny, running away from the family when George was a young child, thus forcing them to struggle on their own. She has displayed remorse for her actions several times during the course of the show, and deep down, she does care for George and all the other characters, but seems incapable of showing it because of her past turmoils.

She is portrayed in the series by Belita Moreno.

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