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Director Buzzard used the Stone of What Was to make those dumbed-down clones ages ago. Always good to have a few silent partners to take over a business... Or the world!
~ John D. Rockerduck explaining Bentley and Buford's origins.

Bentley and Buford Buzzard are minor antagonists in the DuckTales (2017) series franchise. They are both clones of Bradford Buzzard and serve as his co-leaders of FOWL. In "The Last Adventure!" Bradford kills Bentley and Buford after the two have outlived their usefulness to him.



As clones of Bradford, Bentley and Buford are anthropomorphic vultures who are nearly identical to him in almost every way, aside from a few appearance differences. Bentley is completely bald, has large white eyebrows and will sometimes wear a monocle. Buford wears large glasses, has messier hair, and his eyes are usually squinting in later episodes.


It's safe to assume that Bentley and Buford share the same personality as Bradford, given that they always side with Bradford's opinions.

Powers and Abilities

As co-leaders of F.O.W.L., they share the same authority as Bradford, though the two are merely stooges while Bradford handles most of the work.



Using a magical stone known as the Stone of What Was, Bradford and Black Heron created two clones of himself named Bentley and Buford Buzzard. Passing them off as his biological siblings, they became his co-leaders of F.O.W.L., always backing up Bradford in his decisions.

Scrooge McDuck fist meets Bradford and his "brothers" at the first annual McDuck Enterprises Christmas Party, where they informed him that they were not enjoying the party as it seemed to be expensive. After Bradford was hired by Scrooge to manage his company while he was away on his adventures, he along with Bentley and Buford became his Board of Directors.

When Scrooge nearly bankrupt the company in his attempt to find his niece, Della Duck when she got lost out in space (which was actually Bradford's fault), the Board decided it was too expensive to continue searching, with Bentley and Buford dragging Scrooge away from the control console in order to stop him. It is theorized that this is the reason why Scrooge didn't have a good relationship with his Board, even before the F.O.W.L. revelation.


Bentley and Buford were seen several times with Bradford in Seasons 1 and 2 while discussing how to be fiscally smart with McDuck enterprises' money with Scrooge. After Scrooge and his family defeat General Lunaris, they are revealed to be the co-leaders of F.O.W.L. while assembling F.O.W.L.'s agents.

In the series finale, Bentley and Buford helped to subdue other members of Scrooge's family while Bradford dealt with Scrooge himself. They were later seen atop the Library, where Bradford had triggered a reality erasing vortex, where he planned to throw down everything unpredictable in the world. However, Scrooge pointed out that Bradford would have to get rid of his own team as well, since they themselves are unpredictable. Bradford silently agreed to this statement by grabbing Bentley and Buford, and tossing them into the vortex, killing them.


Season 1
  • "Woo-oo!"
  • "The Great Dime Chase!"
  • "Jaw$!" (mentioned)
  • "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" (cameo)
Season 2
  • "Last Christmas!"
  • "The 87 Cent Solution!" (cameo)
  • "The Richest Duck in the World!"
  • "Moonvasion!"
Season 3
  • "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!"
  • "The Last Adventure!"
  • "The Beast in the Board Room!"
  • "Countdown to Termination!"
  • "Flintheart... McDuck?!?"


  • Bentley and Buford are two of the few characters to actually die in the show.
  • Despite being villains, they did appear to have standards in which they are angered at Glomgold at Scrooge's Fake Funeral.
  • In the series premiere, Buford is completely bald, while in every subsequent episode, he has hair. However, in "Last Christmas!", he had hair, but most of said episode took place before the main events of the show, so Buford being bald in the premier was simply a matter of design change.
  • A plot hole created by the first episode is that Bentley is shown seated center and speaking, with Bradford off to the side and not speaking. All subsequent episodes have Bradford seated center and speaking, with it later revealed that the other two are clones who cannot speak in complete sentences.
    • However, the two are capable of speaking single words or short sentences, such as "Aye," or "I don't know," as seen in "The Great Dime Chase!" and "Last Christmas!", Respectively.
    • It could be theorized from this plot hole that Bentley was meant to take Bradford Buzzard's place as the chairman of the Board of Directors, and maybe even the leader of FOWL and the main antagonist of Season 3.


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