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And what if you were not royalty? Yes, say you were one of the smallfolk. A base person of no real consequence. And then, one day, people decided you were not needed. What would you think?
~ Beren to Euden about the latter's status in the family.

Beren is an antagonist of Dragalia Lost. He's the missing fifth Scion of Alberia who was locked away due to his dangerous ability to create and manipulate black mana.

He is voiced by Megumi Kubota in the Japanese version of the game.


Beren was first introduced as Ed in chapter 9. Euden met Beren thinking he was lost in the wild. It is revealed that his name is not Ed and his name was Beren. He is actually the older brother of Euden and has the power to turn dragons into void dragons. In chapter 10, he absorbs Morsayati into in his body before he transfers from Zethia to Euden.


Beren is a young man with a appearance of a young child. He is shown to have black hair and pink eyes. A white tunic with black belts and long sleeves and white boots.


Beren is shown to be cold, sadistic, and emotionless. He is also corruptive to dragons.

Powers and Abilities

Beren has the ability to create and manipulate black mana and as shown in Chapter 13, he uses the very mana to turn regular dragons into void versions of themselves. Near the end of Chapter 14, Beren demonstrated more of his abilities as he managed to extract and absorb Morsayati from Zethia while the latter was in the middle of possessing Euden.


  • Like Valyx, he is a brother of Euden who doesn’t have blonde hair.


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