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Too late, and to their sorrow do those who misplace their trust in gods learn their fate!
~ Bergan after killing Anastasis.
Ruthless, you say? Would he were more so! He gives traitors no quarter, be they of his own blood! How fitting for one who would bear the burden of Empire!
~ Bergan applauding Vayne after taking the throne.

Judge Bergan is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy XII. He is a corrupt Judge Magister of the Archadian Empire.

He was voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto in the Japanese version, and by Gary Martin in the English version, the former of whom also voiced Xaldin in the Kingdom Hearts series while the latter also voiced Zordrak in The Dreamstone and Mac in Ferngully 2: The Magic Rescue.


Bergan is first seen with the other Judges discussing Prince Vayne's leadership skills over the kingdom of Archadia. While the other Judges seem uncertain of Vayne's rule, Bergan is willing to help him due to his admirability of power over anything else. After Emperor Grammis is murdered by Vayne in a coverup to succeed the throne, Bergan is the only Judge interested in helping him take the throne. Later, after the reveal is made of Vayne killing his father, when Judge Drace accuses Vayne of his crime, Bergan gleefully knocks her down is the only Judge to show no sympathy after Gabranth is forced to execute Drace for treason.

Later, Vayne sends Bergan, Zargabaath, and Gabranth to Mt. Bur-Omisace to receive his younger brother Larsa. While Zargabaath and Gabranth obtain Larsa, Began has other plans and begins slaughtering the residents of the mountain. The player party discover this and rush off to stop him, but are too late to save Gran Kiltias Anastasis, the religious leader, who Bergan just finished killing. Seeing Princess Ashe with the group, Bergan monologues over the idea of manufacturing nethicite, a powerful source of energy that boosts one's magical capabilities, revealing that a mass amount of it flows inside of him, while Vaan sees a shadowy figure behind Bergan, observing their battle. Bergan attacks the party in a rage, but they manage to defeat him. The power of the nethicite then overwhelms Bergan, killing him instantly.


Bergan is a vile man who strives power over anything else. Being a cruel and violent person, he will dispose of anyone who stands above Emperor Vayne, simply because he admires his lust for power. He also massacres the people of Mt. Bur-Omisacre simply to test out his nethicite abilities. Whereas the other Judges follow their own morals, Bergan is a psychotic sadist who will eagerly kill anyone who defies Vayne in his plan to take over all of Ivalice.





  • According to the guidebooks, Bergan is 33, making him and Drace the youngest of the Judges.

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