Berkley - is an unseen, minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He has its own electronics store Berkley's RC Shop, which uses RC vehicles, vans.


Berkley is Zero's rival in electronics since he was defeated in a science contest. In 1992, he returns to San Fierro to ruin Zero's RC Shop with planes and become a monopolist in his field in San Andreas. However, thanks to the help of Carl Johnson, Zero manages to defeat Berkley and, after losing a duel in a field model with two military bases, leaves the city.

Despite leaving San Fierro, Berkley does not let go and continues his competition with Zero. Later, when CJ, Zero and the Triad take part in the attack on the Palace of Caligula, Zero unintentionally tells Berkley about the robbery. Berkley, however, notifies the police, which makes the whole attack difficult, but it still succeeds. When Carl learns that Zero told Berkley about the robbery, he hits him in the face.

Earlier on the internet there were rumors that Berkley owns Top Fun, which distributed toys (including planes with bombs) in Liberty City and Vice City.

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